Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To You!

Not sure if you notice this. Or just me.

Do you have friends celebrating his or her birthday this month? November babies? Anyone? November is somehow a birthday month. Many people celebrate their birthday. So, this month is extra pokai becos need to buy dinner for birthday friends.

Even that day when my office organised the monthly birthday party, November is the most number of collegues birthday. More than 10 of them. Some even share the same birthday. Normal months we have about 4-5 people but November... record breaking.

The only answer to this unusual phenomenon is....

Chinese New Year.

Ha, you see, Chinese New Year normally falls on which month, children?


Correct. And 9 months after February is what month, children?


Correct again!

So, no matter apa bangsa dan agama, CNY everyone happy becos holiday. And when holiday nothing to do, people will do what, children?


Wait! What is the Engrish word for that?

*HAVE SE...*

Hold it! What is the more sopan word for that?

*MAKE LO....*

Nope.. a more sopan word?



So, the conclusion is, CNY many people ekek one..

By the way, my papa also celebrating his birthday this month..

Ahyeh and Ahmah.. now we know what you all did during CNY 60 years ago!!

Happy birthday, papa..

How crappy..



goolypop said...

Does that mean, if i were born in NOV, but was told I was a premature baby, born at 7th mth, conceived during my parent's hornimoon, I shouldn't believe?

Yeah.. premarital ekek was taboo then..So they had to lie!

goolypop said...

btw, hami mirfday, saipak!

GarGies said...

my daughter's bday this month leh.. but i remember that year's cny my hubby went somewhere else leh.. oops, ter-leak my secret. hoe sui ger..

mistipurple said...

haha, sure miss this blog. how come i shwimming dunno in which longkang for so many months leh! means i didn't discover this place lah. cheh. luckies i know now.
happy birthday unker!

Sinkar said...

gunipok, my papa ask me dun mix with people who talks rubbish like u wor.

gargies, hor! hubby not around means u... u..... yer.. notti!

misti, dun blame urself. not ur fault. blame itu hkk sial.

hiongkongkiok said...

achooooooooooo! my surname is Hiong, not Lai.......

reanaclaire said...

wei sinkar.. me also november.. that mean...e...yeehhhh....
ok i ask my mama when i go back.. i tell sinkar make this theory one .. very choon..
chun.. not choon, sorry..