Monday, April 7, 2014

Why the smell...?

Normally my house got water. After the water-rationing things going on, my house still got water.

I even wash my car, water the plant and do my laundry without any remorse although my friends keep complaining on how inconvenience it is without water.

Then that day. That day someone forward me a new schedule. The next water rationing time table.

After browsing it, I found my house area in the list. Ya, listed, but not necessary will kena one la. That's what my defunct mind says.

So, that particular Sunday morning. I woke up, hoping it's a false alarm. Turn on the tap. Voila! water is flowing like waterfall.. Haha, escaped again!

Bath can wait, play a game or two of Castlevania first!

After 2 hours of dracula fighting, I drag my ass to the bathroom and turn on the tap.

It's dry. IT'S DRY!!!

So, what do you say to bath when there is no water?