Sunday, December 28, 2008


The followings are my personal opinion jek. Dun take it personally k..? You know la, nowadays blog also dangerous. Say something wrong people tot u declaring war liddat.. aii...

Ok, liddis. Not sure everyone knows or not, these days Kenny Sia is getting alot of negative publicity, thanks to his hate blog, KennySai. Before I start, lemme begin with my personal opinions on Kenny Sia.

I used to read Kenny Sia's blog since many years ago when I started my old blog. He is funny and a good writer. Sometimes I laugh at his entries. It's entertaining. But then, when he first joined MDG as a judge, my impression on him went downhill. The reason is, he is too immature to judge a beauty contest. All the 'Wow', "Look at that..', 'You are my favourite'... Come on Kenny, you are there to judge. At least show some professionalism. But if I remember correctly later after the show he acknowledged that and explained that it was the MDG's producer idea to have him being liddat. But damages had been done. He already gave me this hamsup and unprofessional impression.

Anyway, back to the war story. Apparently this Kennysai guy (or girl, I dunno) keep biting Kenny Sia without having any sign of letting go. Kenny Sia posted 1 entry, Kennysai flamed him with 1 million entries. Kenny Sia says 1 sentence, Kennysai can interprete his sentence into a novel. Then we have a shodowfox guy who compiled the whole saga of Kenny Sia cheating behind his gf with an affair with ICQ. This issue balloned until rumors saying ICQ is pregnant with Kenny's baby and he forced her to abortion.

Then we have readers from all over the place adding salt and vinegar to this and voila, new stories are being spread around like wildfire. People like to read exciting stories, although it's not true. For example, you put 2 books on the table. 1 entitled 'Mary and Her Apple: A True Story'. The other one is 'Mary and Her Exchanted Apple'. Which one is more attractive? Which one will you read?

I am not sure if any these accusations are true but come on la.. it's his personal life! Just because ICQ blogged about this by hinting something (err, I didn't read ICQ's blog before actually, but based on what I read in shadowfox), everyone started to give their conclusion as if they are there witnessing the whole thing. What if it really happens? Who are we to judge him? Hello, it's not even in his own blog. It's not even coming out from his own mouth. It's from a 3rd party and everyone started to throw stones at him.

Then Kenny is being accused of plagiarising entries from other bloggers. He says it's coincidence. The world says he plagiarised. The post is about the official World Cup football resembles a sanitary pad. Actually when I first saw the ball, I have the similar thoughts. How come the design looks like a pad? Since I dun live by my blog, it's just a thought. I dun blog every single thing that comes into my mind. There are millions of blogs around. So, by writing a similar post on something that is so popular, is it plagiarising? Maybe he is, maybe he is not. I dunno. But then again, it's his blog what.. We didn't pay a single sen to read his blog.

Yikes, this is getting too long.. Ok, stop now temporarily. Recess time. Will continue again later..

How crappy..