Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Loader Fwens

Many moon ago while me and my frens were working part time in a trading company, we got to know this lady.. err.. that time is a girl la.. i think 2-3 years older than us..

That time was after our SPM, so when results is out all of us hampalang resign lah, all back to school or back to college. But one of my fren, still keep contact with this girl and once a while when we come out for makan, this girl will join us.. So we guys just buy her lah.. All act genitalmen..

When we grow older, we seldom meet up anymore. All busy with their own stuff, where got so much time to meet? Got time also blog lah.. ngam mou?

Ok, abit of that girl story before we continue ok.. After she resigned from that company, she worked as a full time tutor. But I think she got side business like those MLM kind of thing. I duno. She got give name card before but I dunno phek jor hui pin..

Back to the story. Since she is a tutor, she is very free one. She dun teach every hour of the day. Just few hours only. So, whenever she is around my office, she will ring me up for lunch. 1st time, oklah, I pick up the bill. No problem. 2nd time, ok, I still pick up the bill. 3rd time, 4th time I bit tulan oredi. Hello, when we meet up, we dun eat at those kedai kopi u know. She picks the restaurant one. Summore those high high tei class restaurant. When the bill come, she dun even move an inch to reach for her purse. She just sit there and sip her iced lemon tea..

Anyway, few times oredi, I boh song liao. Then one day while me and my frens meet up for talk cock, one of my fren brings up this issue. They say she also look for them sometimes and also dun wanna pay. Just makan saja.. And he lagi teruk, she brings one of them go eat steaks during lunch time.

Few days later after we found out her modus operandi, she called me.. Say she is around my office and ask me to go lunch again. That time I told her I am not free as I have another lunch appointment. Since then, I've never heard from her anymore.

That was like 2 years ago. And by the way, I dun even know her full name until now. Just her engrand name saja..

How crappy hor..


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tiong Hua Hor Lim Pik

080808 Olympic just kicks off 2 days ago.

On that particular Friday, I told my boss I will be home tonite at 8pm to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic. He says he dunno what's so good about watching the opening ceremony. Not to say I am a sports fan..

I thought of a while.. He is right. I am not a sports fan. Well, I do like sports, but i prefer to play in it, rather than to watch it. Believe me, I never watched before any sports from start till end. Except a few EPL matched last time.

Badminton? Maybe a match or two during the Thomas Cup final. And that's when Malaysia is playing.

Golf? Faster change channel if there is any golf showing on TV.

Tennis? Max is like 20 minutes? Unless it's Women's single or double. Then can watch longer.

Swimming? Besides Olympic got other swimming competition one meh?

Bowling? Lagi tak tahan. Boring like shit.

Got 1 time I watch F1 with some friends.. Oh my... dem boring.. What's so exciting about seeing cars racing with each other, legally? I secretly hope that someone crash the car.

Dan lain lain all I no watch.. So, how come I am so excited about the opening ceremony of the Olympic?

Then suddely I turn around and answer him this, 'You no undestand lah, this time is the kebanggaan rakyat Tionghua...'

Seriously lah, do you feel abit bangga this time China host the game (if you are orang tionghua)? If yes. why leh? You orang China meh? You orang Malaysia tau!

How crappy.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auhuet Colleague

I got this extremely lazy ex collegue. Lazy until I auhuet. Ex becos he left the office last month.

Why lazy? Let's see:

Every week he will sick for a day or two. Every.fucking.week. If that week he is not sick, something bad will happen to him. Amongst the reasons he gave for not coming to work: uncle pass away, grandma pass away, accident (bike kena langgar at highway), house kena masuk pencuri, car breakdown etc.

The best part was, boss believes every single reason he gave. The rest of us suffer la. Whenever he din show up we all gotta do his work. Tiu.

Finally, the bestest excuse he gave for not turning up at work: someone wanted to kill him. He claimed that someone send a threatening SMS to him, saying wanting him to be dead. So, he called up boss and say he afraid to leave the house. And boss did the best thing. Hired a security guard to standby outside the office. Just in case tht 'assailant' turn up at the office to kill him. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan*

So, recently he tendered his resignation, saying a huge MNC wanted to hire in to be based in Spore. We are very happy. But insider news revealed that he wanted to ask for a raise but got turned down. So, he gotta accept the Spore offer. After he left, he message my colleage says he is not going Spore anymore. Another company wanted him to join them in NY. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan, vomit blood again and pengsan another time*

Oh, did I mention that he is just 25 and joined us for less than 6 months?

How crappy.