Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will You Sing?

Everyday, my collegue listen to the radio softly. And for the past few weeks, every afternoon, there is this competiton where callers will call in to sing. But I am not sure what competition is that..

Anyway, whenever someone sings through the radio, we were like 'ewww.. why la.. dem torturous wei...'

But then I asked her, how much is the offer will u sing through the radio? She says dunno.. 1000 bucks maybe?

So, how much do you think is the prize only u will open ur golden mouth to sing through a radio..?

How crappy..


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That day the tea lady asked me if it's ok if she picks up my dirty mug in the evening and wash it because she sees me washing my mug in the pantry every morning..

Of koz I agree sampai vomit rice..

So now, i just leave my mug on my desk and in the morning, will skip happily to the pantry to collect back my mug to enjoy my daily coffee of the day.

The question is...

She is in the pantry every morning. Should I rinse my mug in front of her again? Not to say I dun trust her la, but just in case...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful World of Internet

NOTE: This is NOT a pay post or anything yang sewaktu dengannya.


There is a great sales tomorrow. Coach bag, new arrival 90% discount! Keith and whatever shoes, 90% discounts! Blackberry, RM100 each, no commitment fees! Burberry warehouse sales, everything must go! LV closing down sales!

I am sure you will go and join the madness. BUT! Stuff like this, please expect people to line up at 3am before the shop opens. This is how crazy people are. I remember last time when Krispy Kreme started in Time Square, there is an offer that the 1st customer will get a lifetime supply of doughnuts. And 1 girl really start queuing up like more than 24 hrs to be the 1st customer.

Anyway, this problem is now solved! Let me introduce.... queuing up services!! Imagine, when you need something important and there is a long queue expected, just submit your request and at a fee, someone will queue up for you. So, when the time come, you can just stroll to the line leisurely and take the place reserved for you, maybe the 1st in line! Too bad the service now only applies in Washington area. Btw, I think this is a great business opportunity! Now I need some free college students who wants to earn some extra bucks..


You are farming in the office (dun pretend la, you know what i am talking about one..) and someone walk to your cubicle and start talking about his hobby in collecting Starwars figurines. Or while eating a Big Mac and your best friend come up to you and talk about financial planning.

I am sure time like this, you need someone to give u a call and then you give a gesture that you are not free to talk now because you need to attend an important call. A call that can save your life or even more important, money in situations like this.

This problem is now solved! Let me introduce... a call that can help you to escape!! Buy the software and then just a click on the icon and your phone will ring. How handy can this be? At a small fee, this service can really be a life saver..

Now, who says internet is full of junks??

How crappy..


Monday, November 9, 2009

Aiwan Nobaldi Butchew

Did you catch the 'Nobody But You' virus by the oh-so-pweety Wonder Girls?

This song seems like so popular now. Quick search in Youtube you can find a handful of akuas dancing to this song and even children!

The song is so catchy and I bet you wanna sing-along but you can't because it's in Korean. Let me do the dirty work.

I have written down the lyrics based on my own hardwork. Go on, sing it loud loud!

Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Nander salah more chido
Nika ani more chido
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi

Nansi rundeh wei nal mirandeh
Yogo hani chap koo
Naha run jian koo
Wei yirapkeh
Narun jiareh keh
Nal boreyor hani
Eteko irony

Nal wihar kiriotan kiuma
Mumu bujokan daneon kiuma
Ijen kiumarit nor
Taru naru anja wei
Wonhajido anniugeo kongyo hair

Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Nander salah more chido
Nika ani more chido
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi

Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Nander salah more chido
Nika ani more chido
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi

Nan juhondeh nan hiong bakan deh
Normani senyum dei
Deo barang ineondeh
Nugu manaseo ibukala noyeo
Nor bunaso heng buka soloso

Nal wihar kiriotan kiuma
Mumu bujokan daneon kiuma
Mari nan doyon mari ran goyoyon lah
Neon kasi bokeh bokeh

Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Nander salah more chido
Nika ani more chido
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi

Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi butchew
Nander salah more chido
Nika ani more chido
Aiwan nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi nobaldi

Aiyah, ending part cincai sing la.. I listen until got 8 ears oredi.

How crappy.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Yummy Tarts!

This is a story relates to me by my friend about her boss in Singapore:

One day, her boss brought in a jar of yummy pineapple tarts, offering to the team during Hari Raya. The team were very happy becos the tarts are dem delicious. The next day, whole jar went missing!

Everyone realised the jar was missing but nobody asked anything until few days later, the boss walked pass the snacks corner (where she put the delicious jar of pineapple tarts). She told the team that she already brought home the tarts (wtf?). She wanna let her sister have a taste of it. And her sister likes it very much! So her sister offers a piece of it to her doggie. And the doggie practically licking the crumbs dry! Seeing the doggie likes it so much, her sister then feed the whole jar to the doggie (wtf-f-f-f-f).

Everyone in the team went oookaayyyyyyyy............

Yes, the boss and her sister are single ladies, except already expired. You know what I mean..?

How crappy..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are We There Yet?

Aisay.. with all the campaigns of 1 this 1 that, I can still see these glaring at me everyday on the way to work..

Spotted this at one of the arm-no branch. I have a deep thought on this but better not write it here. Just can say this is 'Memalukan Bangsa Sendiri'..

This one is clearly drawing the line again between bumi and non bumi.

Nothing new la hor..? Are we still on the way to 1Maraysia onot..?

How crappy..


Monday, October 19, 2009

Time Waster 2.1

I just found a new way to waste some time!

It's ROFLRAZZI!! Click here!

That site will allow you to put caption on the photos provided. My favorite is to caption using those motivation posters style. There are 3 other templates you can do it. Aiyah, go to that site to find out lah. This post is to show you some of my proud masterpiece!

Am I talented, or am I talented?

How crappy..


Friday, October 16, 2009


With all these mess in my head, sometimes I secretly wish that I'll never wake up in the morning..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Really Got One!

The other day we were having our dinner at this place in Penang called Bukit Genting. Bukit + Genting. Both powerful high words. If you think it's related to Genting Group, you either fail BM or hardcore gambler.

Anyway, Bukit Genting is a Thai Restaurant located uphill in Penang. Exactly where leh, dun ask me lah. Try asking Mr Google ya :)

In my humble opinion, the food is so-so jek. But the scenery is breathtaking. Sorry ah, we went at nite, dinner time. That time oredi dark dark take picture also no use becos we only have a compact camera with us. But the point of this post is not about food and scenery. It's about....


Tell me lah. When you see this signboard, what do you think?

There are snakes in front, right?

Wrong lor. The arrow up literally means.. UP. So, when you look up, you can see...

And no, that's not a moon.

Yeah, snakes all chillin' out on the net.

Nearby the trees also got a few baby snakes hangin' around. Beware if anything drop on your head.. It's not always tree leaves.

Imagine while walking halfway something drop on your head, and u grab it and see, it's a snake. Happy onot?

Near the cashier is a caged baby phython.

You can ask them to bring it out for a closer look.

Cute doe sei.

How crappy..


Monday, September 7, 2009


See that guy with a chair? Knowing his friend in front is in a deep discussion, he carries a chair for him to sit.

This is the way to go!

Help each other and be polite.

Contohilah amalan mulia.

How crappy..


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Not sure if I am stupik or what.. Sometimes I just can't understand..

I am refering to the lady who was sentensed to be whipped and she wanted it to be whipped publicly, for drinking beer. Her offence was drinking beer. Drinking beer! DRINKING BEER!

Now, my question.

Is drinking beer a crime? Yes, it's forbidden by her religion, but, is it a crime? If her religion disallowed it, then let God deals with her when her time is up. Telling lies and taking bribes is forbidden by the religion as well. Do we see anyone whipped publicly for telling lies and taking bribes?

Theft/robbery/rapes/murder/etc are forbids by religion and by country law as well. It's fair to punish the offender. But drinking beer? I know police will arrest muslim who is not fasting during ramadhan. Again, is ponteng puasa a crime? Let's God deal with them! Who are we to judge another person for not doing things according to religious law?

I am not a religious scholar but I know there is a verse in the bible that says:

And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." - John 8:7

We are living amongst hypocrites and God wannabes.

Not sure if I am stupik or what.. Sometimes I just can't understand..


How crappy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Names vs Names

Recently I have a friend who converted to Muslim as she is about to marry a Malay guy. So, she changed her name to a Malay name, keeping her surname at the back.

I was thinking. How come chinese need to adopt a malay (or muslim?) name when converted to muslim but I have some malay friends who name their kids Daniel, Ian, Aaron etc?

I mean what is the significance or the ruling of names for muslim? Is there any? I have a malay friend in Spore who dropped the word 'binti' on the names of his daughters. Can or not ah in Malaysia?

Let say Razak got a son, and he decided to drop the word 'bin' in the name. He name his son Daniel. So, his son will be called Daniel Razak. Then later Daniel married and got a daughter and he name his daughter Pricilla. So, his daughter will be called Pricilla Daniel?

So, next time Pricilla Daniel is a malay and Nuraini Abdullah is a chinese?

Confusing doe sei!

How crappy..


Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Are Damn Proud Of You

Reading the newspaper this morning about a new hero really makes all of us proud.

This is Mr Khai.rul whatever.

His achievement is delivering the pro-ISA memorandum to the palace. And he achieved it without any problem.

Way to go man! You manage to geth through the high security of the army/police/SDU. You make us proud!

By the way, just curious. Mr Khai.rul whatever, what is the relevancy of the ISA and the mempertahankan hak whatever on your T-shirt? Got jive ah both issues?

On a separate note, just watched Johnny Depp's Public Enemy. Quite good the movie.

How crappy.


ps: initially i wanna put mr khai.rul's pic here due to his heroism. but on second thought, why waste bandwidth, right?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Perils of 2 Sizes

I am sure this happens to you before. Dilemma. Fickle-minded. Crossroads..

Nolah.. Not any major decision but the choice between 2 sizes. Like Gunipok can't decide on her XXL or XXXL dress. Or Winn can't decide on her RM500 or RM50 bag. Anyway, the story is liddis..

That day I went to get a pair of shoes. Sales time is the best time to buy work apparels. So my selection was down to one nice pairs which doesn't have my size. Bummer!

Then I look around and saw another almost similar pair. The salegirl brought me 2 sizes, 8 and 9. I put on 8. Fits perfectly. I try 9. More comfortable. 8 or 9? 8 or 9? 8 or 9?

Try 8 again. Try 9 again. Can't decide as both doesn't make alot of difference. The salesgirl waited patiently. Ok, final decision. Size 9.

So the salesgirl proceed to pack my shoes and leave it on the cashier while we proceed to shop for other stuff. Finally we were done and proceed to make payment. The end.


I went home and unpack my shoes and guess what..?!

Both left side with 1 size 8 and 1 size 9.


How crappy!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Lurve Affair With...

It was a Saturday afternoon when we wander on what to snack in the cinema later. Then I saw my Lurve!

It was lurve at first sight. The packing and the color, oh, so captivating. French Onion.. Anything French is good. Seaweed Mori.. Sounds Japanese.. Anything Japanese is sophisticated. So, I grabbed the 2 packs of Lurve, happily skipping to the cashier.


We pass thru Pringles! What should I do? One is ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’, and the other one is just a hype like you see it in every blog. Decisions.. Decisions..

To be fair to both, I put both together to compare.

Old timer Pringles.. Sour Cream & Onion, Basil and Garlic. Sounds healthy! Vegetables! Vegetables is good for health and bowel movements.

Newcomer Lurve now looks so small and pale. French Onion? France got H1N1 hor? Seaweed Mori? Wow, look at the sea pollution! Oil spills etc. No way I am touching the seaweed.

The final decision is out. Sorry Lurve, Pringles will go into the cinema with me.

What no outside food allowed in the cinema? They got sell the sedaps Pringles meh?

How crappy..


Note: No Pringles or Lurve were harm during the selection process. But hearsay Lurve commited suicide 2 days later. Not my fault.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jokes Overdosed

Too much jokes is bad. Seriously.

I used to read a lot of jokes. During my younger days when I am damn free in the office (not sure the nature of the job is so free or I dunno what I am doing), I used to surf websites that update jokes on a daily basis. I even copy and past the funny ones on a Words doc and compile it, and print it out. I have 2 self-compiled jokes book now. What? Jokes got copyright one meh>? Chiseen.

Then Facebook came along and there is this application called ‘LOL’. It’s like a forum where people post their jokes and the rest will rate it. Some got a really funny one. I used to read that everyday for a few minutes before I start work. Well, starting the day with a few jokes is always better than starting the day reading sad stories from the newspaper, right?

Anyway, back to my point. Why is too much jokes is bad.

I read so much jokes, it came to a point that every joke that my friends crack, I’ve read before. And you dun really laugh at jokes that you’ve read before. Thus, either I be an asshole and says ‘theang gor jor la (listen before)’ or, fake a laugh. For not being an asshole, I opted for the latter. Do you know how torturous is it to pretend a laugh? Pretend a smile is easy. We do everyday. But pretend to laugh is not easy; especially the person who cracks the jokes is your boss.

Oklah, to end this post, have you heard of this joke before:

Lifeguard blows whistle.

Lifeguard: Hey, you are not supposed to pee in the pool..!
Guy : *look up* Why not? Everyone is doing it!
Lifeguard: Yes, but not from the springboard!

How crappy..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jom Lunch

It’s liddis. Yesterday la.. I was snaking taking a break walking around the cafeteria about 10am, I heard someone yelled my name from the other end. I was panic at first because it’s like you went to the canteen not during recess time and caught by someone. Last time in school right, going to the canteen before recess time is very good. No queue and can sit anywhere I like..

Ok, let’s not sidetrack and back to my setori. It’s my ex-colleague. He’s having a meeting in the building. We had a short chat and he suggested to have lunch together later to catch up. Oklah, since long time no see. So, about 1230 he sms me saying he is already in the cafeteria.

I bid my normal lunch kaki farewell and proceed to the cafeteria. He waved at me from an empty table. So I took my seat and he says that 2 of his colleagues will be joining us..

Waseh, once the 2 colleagues sat down hor, the 3 of them start talking about work, their meetings, issues etc.. I just sat there listening to stuff which is not relevance to me at all! Once a while i just gave a no-brainer comment.

Then after makan, he says if I have something on then I can go 1st.

Tamader, next time dun ever ask me go lunch if you are in this building..

How crappy..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Day at School

School holidays are finally over..

I woke up with a messy hair at 630am. Dragging myself to the bathroom to wash up.

Thanks mum for the sandwiches which is a life saver. Breakfast is very important to start off the day, especially it's a day of studies.

I checked my bag again to make sure everything is there. It's not a good thing to leave anything behind on the first day.

Upon reaching the classroom, I greeted my classmates Good Morning. I wanna be a good boy now. I wanna be a polite boy. I wanna get A for Moral.

When the teacher came in, I wished her Good Morning too. She is happy. Then she proceeds with her lesson, explaining to me whatever I am unsure.

Few hours later is recess time. My classmates asked me to join them for makan. Since I am new, I decided to follow them, and to catch up with them on whatever that I've been missing.

After makan, back to classroom for further lessons. The clock is ticking very slowly. But it comes to the end finally. I bid my classmates and teacher goodbye and went home, feeling tired.

That was basically what happend today as my first day at WORK. By the way, please re-read the above by replacing teacher with manager, classmates with colleagues and classroom with office.

Tengkiu berry much.

How crappy..


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time is Bad. Serious.

It's funny.

The news shows hundreds of people queuing up for a job openings for 10 persons.

Newspaper reports that the job fair attracts thousands of unemployed but still hundreds left with no jobs.

Factories laid off thousands of employees.

Crimes rate rocketing.

Cost cutting. Plants shutting down. Foreign companies cutting their investments here. Allowances cut. Wages cut.

But in reality..

Crocs is crowded.

Premium Japanese buffet is fully booked for the next few months.

Shopping malls is packed.

No signs of property price dropping.

More Ferraris and Porches on the road.

More houses are built on the high end.

So tell me. Is time really bad?

Actually, IT IS!


See lah.. Mall's buggy mia tyres also gone.

Time to tighten our belts and prepare for the bad time.

How crappy.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not My Fault!

'Eh, go la..'

'Nolah, cannot yet..'

'Can oredi la, just go..'

'Nolah, still not ok, wait a bit more..'

'No need wait.. CAN GO oredi...'

'Dangerous leh, see properly first..'

'See what see? Late jor la..'

'If got police how?'

'Police your head. JUST GO!'

'Ok ok.. no need to shout..'

'So mafan next time take bus'

That was my left brain arguing with my right brain..

Saw this traffic light at the junction near my house.

You tell me lah, liddis go or no go?

Sometimes when I'm late, it's not always my fault ok..

How crappy..


Monday, April 20, 2009

What If One Day.. lost your sight..?

Yesterday instead of hanging around the shopping centers to hunt for discounted stuff, we did something meaningful. Not to say hanging around shopping centers is not meaningful ok, especially there a sales going on..

We attended the Blind Leading The Blind Charity Walk organised by the Lions Club.

It's like this. One person will be blindfolded and will be led by another person, walking on real roads experiencing the challenges faced by the visually impaired persons. It's not a race, just a 3km walk around the PJ Civic Center area.

But still have to register and get a number though..

The walk should be starting at 730am. Malaysians being Malaysians, 730am means 8am.

There were about 1500+ people participating (according to reliable source). The crowds inclusive adults, veterans, kids, school children, women, men, healthy and visually impaired persons.

We started off with me being blindfolded. At first of course I am not comfortable walking blindly although with a guide. And she always gives wrong information, asking me to skip la, jump la, turn here and there la, even on a straight empty road. Instead of giving her a shadow back kick, we decided to swap.

Me, being a professional guide managed to lead her comfortably to quite a distance, maybe 1km. Then swap back again. While I was being blindfolded, the road seems to be more challenging. 'Take a step up the pavement. Ok, now a step down the pavement. Wait, another pavement, step up. Ok, now down again..'

I was thinking, wei.. kidding me or what, how come so many pavements one suddenly?

You see lah, people all walking on the main road while I were being led up and down the same pavements dunno how many times.

After shadow kicking her, we decided to try something more challenging. Both blindfolded. And this is really the blind leading the blind. Every step is dangerous.

After 2-3 minutes, we dropped the idea..

From there we swap and swap and swap few more times and finally we reached the finishing line.

What I have learnt from this blind walk.

1) The distance is much longer when you can't see.
2) Every step could be fatal. Imagine walking into a drain, or tripping on a pavement, or trying to cross a road.
3) When one sense is off, the other will be more sensitive. I can smell the filthy drain is nearby. Or food stalls. Or a car is coming.
4) Sight is very valuable. Take care of your eyes.
5) Our roads are not blind-friendly at all..
6) The most trusted person guiding you could be the one leading you into a drain.

So, the next time u see a visually impared person wanna cross the road or something, just lend a helping hand ya..

p/s: this will be better if organised in a park in the evening or at the beach, maybe Port Dickson.. so that participants can enjoy the greeneries or the sound of the waves while being blindfolded.. schweeettt...

How crappy..


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allo, Ladio Dijeh ah..?

Before we go back to Krabi, let's take some stuff off my chest..

While driving home late last nite, there was this girl who sms-ed the radio station with her problem. Her problem is something like this:

"She got to know a guy from the internet. He is asking for sexual favors. She says cannot because she already has a boyfriend. The guy says he doesn't mind. So she is asking the DJ what she should do because the guy is very persistent.."

Then there is this guy whose problem is as follows:

"He graduated from university 6 months ago and didn't find any job. Instead, his daily activities are eat, sleep and watch tv. He finds this is very meaningless and wanted to commit suicide.."

The answer from the DJ of course is very nice and give his advice is a very proper manner. Sometimes I do wonder if the DJ did roll their eyes and wish they could just smack these people on their head and says 'WAKE UP!!'

For the 1st girl, is there still a need to ask for advice? So stupid one.

For the 2nd guy, who rather die than to work..? Dun tell me there is not even a single job, not even clerical or waitering available? Dun tell me he rather die than work on an over-qualified job?

Apa dunia ini!!!

How crappy..

Adios. Grrr...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Let's take a break from Krabi for something more important.

By now, I am sure everyone knows about itu Earth Hour. If you still duno hor, it's liddis one. This Saturday leh, on 28th March at 8.30pm, we need to switch off the lights for 1 hour. The reason is vey simple.

'On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour.Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming. '

I quote one lah. From the official website.

I not sure about the rest of the world. But here in KL, I am afraid the followings will happen lor...

Then, everyone switch off the lights..

One hour later..

Or worst still..

Then, everyone switch off the lights..

One hour later..

What? Not possible meh you think?

How crappy..


ps: I am all out to support Earth Hour. This is just the lighter side of it :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

An Incomplete Guide to Krabi Part Three

As mentioned last 2 episodes, we booked ourselves an islands hopping tour on the 2nd day of our trip at 1000 bahts per person, which includes lunch and of course, island hopping.

Early early morning the van came and pick us up to Aonang Beach for the departure. Before naik boat, as usual, we need to gather around for a session of rules and regulations like budak sekolah. Sometimes hor, you think all this is a waste of time listening to 'lectures' but I can say that, they are many dumbheaded people out there. Without this 'lectures', sure got people lost la, late la, fall into the sea la.. etc. No sinkalan you one.

After lectures, all school children line up and naik boat. See, so discipline. If no lectures, sure got hooligans cut queue one.

The journey to these islands abit far. But the sceneries are great and the speed of the boat is fast. The ventilation is good too. All these combinations, you wun feel sick sitting in the boat. If you still feel seasick, then you go hire a helicopter to bring you around.

Oklah, kidding. If you still seasick, just pop ur head out to look at the beautiful sea or pop a pill. Whichever you pop will sure makes you feel better..

The first Island is the one where they film the movie The Beach starring Leonardo. Nice place. As ususal, when a place is nice and popular, it will be crowded. Finding a place to lie down seems to be a challenge..

After the first beach, the rest, ermm, I have forgotten which is which. What I remember though, is boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat, boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat,boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat.. few times. But the water is crystal clear with alot of fishes. Something that you can't find anywhere near in KL.

Just hold a bread, and all the fishes will surround you. It's fun to be surrounded by fishes.

Along the way, we passby the Viking Cave. Viking Cave? Thailand wor? Got vikings meh? Vikings only popular in Sunway Lagoon mah. But then the guide got say la. Last time got one angmor ship, called Viking. Found this cave and they decided to explore it la. They crews all stay in that cave for dunno how long. Now the garmen closed that cave to public because need to harvest bird nest. Disclaimer: Cannot confirm accuracy because I was busy taking a nap thinking something else.

The whole island hopping ends about 4pm. Then the van will bring us back to our apartments. On the way, we couldn't resist to ask the driver to stop by Mcdonald's to have our dose of Samurai Pork Burger.

Advice of the day: Be punctual if joining such trip to avoid embarrassment.


2 gays missing from the boat. Dunno go where making out.

Tourguide Michelle: We have 2 persons missing. Now we all have to wait for them.
All of us: *restless*
Tourguide Michelle: Next time whoever is late, penalty is 50 bahts.
All of us: *make mental note*
Tourguide Michelle: And have to give me a kiss.
All of us: *make a harder mental note*

Finally, the 2 gays came onboard while everyone looking at them, hoping very hard that Michelle will force them to kiss him. Him? Yes, Michelle is a guy previously and partially.

Coming up next: Tiger Cave!

How crappy..