Saturday, July 27, 2013


Like this..

I needed to do a minor house renovation. So I asked this contractor to come and agak agak give me a price. He came and measure measure then says will sms me a quotation.

2 days later, he sms-ed me, quoting RM745.

Being a stingy financially sensitive person, I replied, asking for some discount. I thought the rule of thumb is suggest a huge discount, then renegotiate to a good price. I asked if can settle at RM500.

He replied, 'Sorry, cannot'.

That's it. 2 words.

So, being polite, I replied, asking can give me a best price?

He replied, 'RM740'.

Makehai.. I need RM5 discount from you ah? Dowan to do dun do lah. No need like that one...


Monday, July 22, 2013

Minions oh minions..

After seeing all the stupid news where people fight in McD, long queues, destroy the shuttle gate and whatsnot... All I wanna say is...


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Adventure Time

Story is like this..

That day I need to go to 1Shamelin after work. You know where onot itu 1Shamelin. I dunno la.. So I depends on my phone GPS.

But that fateful day, I had a meeting to attend and didn't managed to charge my phone. When I was about to leave the office, my phone is showing a pathetic 30% life. I assured myself, 30% is enough lah. 

When I get into my car, only I remembered my car is low on fuel. That annoying yellow light already showing. I assured myself again, on the way sure got petrol station one. Petrol station so common kan..? 

So off I go to my adventure!

Aih.. man count, better sky count.. that day dunno why so damn jam. After driving for 30 minutes, I see the fuel level almost hit rock bottom, yet no petrol station sighted. Suddenly, a beep from my phone shouting 15% life remaining.
Keep calm. Based on my calculations of speed = velocity x wind direction, I can make it with just 15% battery life. But dunno why, after driving another 10 minutes, that bloody phone beeped again! 5%!!

As a navigator, I quickly do the next wise thing. Scroll the map to see how far I am and which junctions to turn. Haha! I am only 2 junctions away!! Yahoo!! and just before I reach the final junction, my phone slipped into coma. 

Remember my fuel problem..? I don't.

So, after finished my business in 1Shamelin, time to go home. 
Whoopss.. how to go home..? Where am I? I see only houses around me. No road signs. No phone. No fuel.

I started to follow the cars but ended up in a housing area. Die!
U-turn back and keeping an attentive eye to the fuel meter..

Suddenly, I found it! Petron!! I know la what everyone is saying boycott Petron because it's a crony etc but I am left with no choice. So, like a desert miss the rain, I dashed into the station and let my car drink like it's free..

Then a car pulled over to the pump next to mine. Without hesitation, I pop my head over and ask.. 'mister ah, how to get to the main road ah..?' He says 'ok, u go this way, reach to the end, turn right, then drive further up, you can see all the cars turn left, follow the cars turn left then you will reach the road and make a U-turn and go up the road..'

This is the first time I listen so attentively from a stranger and make mental note. I repeat the route to him again just in case I misunderstood him. That's how we Einstein learns last time. Anyway we discuss Einstein next time. 

So, I carefully trying to remember the route and alas, I am on the a familiar road leading home.