Sunday, December 28, 2008


The followings are my personal opinion jek. Dun take it personally k..? You know la, nowadays blog also dangerous. Say something wrong people tot u declaring war liddat.. aii...

Ok, liddis. Not sure everyone knows or not, these days Kenny Sia is getting alot of negative publicity, thanks to his hate blog, KennySai. Before I start, lemme begin with my personal opinions on Kenny Sia.

I used to read Kenny Sia's blog since many years ago when I started my old blog. He is funny and a good writer. Sometimes I laugh at his entries. It's entertaining. But then, when he first joined MDG as a judge, my impression on him went downhill. The reason is, he is too immature to judge a beauty contest. All the 'Wow', "Look at that..', 'You are my favourite'... Come on Kenny, you are there to judge. At least show some professionalism. But if I remember correctly later after the show he acknowledged that and explained that it was the MDG's producer idea to have him being liddat. But damages had been done. He already gave me this hamsup and unprofessional impression.

Anyway, back to the war story. Apparently this Kennysai guy (or girl, I dunno) keep biting Kenny Sia without having any sign of letting go. Kenny Sia posted 1 entry, Kennysai flamed him with 1 million entries. Kenny Sia says 1 sentence, Kennysai can interprete his sentence into a novel. Then we have a shodowfox guy who compiled the whole saga of Kenny Sia cheating behind his gf with an affair with ICQ. This issue balloned until rumors saying ICQ is pregnant with Kenny's baby and he forced her to abortion.

Then we have readers from all over the place adding salt and vinegar to this and voila, new stories are being spread around like wildfire. People like to read exciting stories, although it's not true. For example, you put 2 books on the table. 1 entitled 'Mary and Her Apple: A True Story'. The other one is 'Mary and Her Exchanted Apple'. Which one is more attractive? Which one will you read?

I am not sure if any these accusations are true but come on la.. it's his personal life! Just because ICQ blogged about this by hinting something (err, I didn't read ICQ's blog before actually, but based on what I read in shadowfox), everyone started to give their conclusion as if they are there witnessing the whole thing. What if it really happens? Who are we to judge him? Hello, it's not even in his own blog. It's not even coming out from his own mouth. It's from a 3rd party and everyone started to throw stones at him.

Then Kenny is being accused of plagiarising entries from other bloggers. He says it's coincidence. The world says he plagiarised. The post is about the official World Cup football resembles a sanitary pad. Actually when I first saw the ball, I have the similar thoughts. How come the design looks like a pad? Since I dun live by my blog, it's just a thought. I dun blog every single thing that comes into my mind. There are millions of blogs around. So, by writing a similar post on something that is so popular, is it plagiarising? Maybe he is, maybe he is not. I dunno. But then again, it's his blog what.. We didn't pay a single sen to read his blog.

Yikes, this is getting too long.. Ok, stop now temporarily. Recess time. Will continue again later..

How crappy..


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Lesson # 125

Today, you will learn something that you might not know that you don't know because you thought you already know everything but actually there are still stuff that you don't know that you don't know.

Wow, that's a mouthful. Anyway..

Lemme present to you, Life Lesson #125!

Do not do this.....

...when boarding a plane.

Please remember ok?

This is a community service specially brought to you by Sinkalan.

How crappy..


ps: muniandy, sorry for posting your pic. if you happen to see this, go eat capati ok? on me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To You!

Not sure if you notice this. Or just me.

Do you have friends celebrating his or her birthday this month? November babies? Anyone? November is somehow a birthday month. Many people celebrate their birthday. So, this month is extra pokai becos need to buy dinner for birthday friends.

Even that day when my office organised the monthly birthday party, November is the most number of collegues birthday. More than 10 of them. Some even share the same birthday. Normal months we have about 4-5 people but November... record breaking.

The only answer to this unusual phenomenon is....

Chinese New Year.

Ha, you see, Chinese New Year normally falls on which month, children?


Correct. And 9 months after February is what month, children?


Correct again!

So, no matter apa bangsa dan agama, CNY everyone happy becos holiday. And when holiday nothing to do, people will do what, children?


Wait! What is the Engrish word for that?

*HAVE SE...*

Hold it! What is the more sopan word for that?

*MAKE LO....*

Nope.. a more sopan word?



So, the conclusion is, CNY many people ekek one..

By the way, my papa also celebrating his birthday this month..

Ahyeh and Ahmah.. now we know what you all did during CNY 60 years ago!!

Happy birthday, papa..

How crappy..


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yoga Same Category As Charsiu?

Class, today's discussion is on the recent hooha on Yoga. What? Dunno? Liddis u dem out. If dunno what is the issue, go read here, ok?

Anyway, according to some pannai people, yoga is considered not halal becos it relates to Hinduism rituals. And by practising yoga, the pannai people will fear that they could deviate from the teachings of Islam. He also says this can lead to a serious crime according to syariah law (Islamic law) and this can destroy the family institution. Not I say one ok. I quote only.

For once, I agree 100% on this. True mah. How can a muslim performs rituals of anoder faith, kan? Dun care la, u do with a conscience mind or not. Not relevant. Dun care la, u do becos for good health or worshipping other God. Not relevant. Important thing is, you did something which goes againts the undang undang agama.

By the way, while we are at this, I suggest Muslim should be ban from visiting Batu Caves also from now on. Same theory what.. Hindu goes up tht hundreds of steps to reach the temple there. So, Muslim walking that steps also same like yoga, doing something which belongs to the other religion. Betul tak?

Oh, how about travelling on roads that pass thru temples or churches? Those roads are used by other devotees to go to their houses of worships also wo.. Is travelling on those roads can also leads deviation of the Muslim faith?

Another thing. Since talk until so serious, that yoga can 'lead to a serious crime according to syariah law (Islamic law) and this can destroy the family institution', ISA will tangkap or not ah?

How? Anyone can provide me answers?

Confuse la..

How crappy.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Win-Win Shituation

Ladies and genitalmens, today I wanna talk about a win-win situation.

It's liddis, that day I came across an ads that offer dunno wht services to expecting couples that they can choose the gender of their future kids. In the ads, there got write there big big 'Money Back Guaranteed'. Ok, before we proceed, let's see what are the possible services that this company can offer sin ok. I dun think there is any products involved. Most likely is the advice on diets la, ek-ek positions la, things to do la, things not to do la, maybe some herbs la.. etc..

So, let's say I wan a baby girl. So I pay RMXXXX. Then tiba tiba come out is a baby boy. How? Yay! I get my money fully refunded. Betul tak? But hor, if u look at company side, it's just like a Big-Small gamble. I collect money from you, then I ask you do this do that. If kena, I keep the money, if tak kena, I give you back your money. So, it's a win-win situation kan?

Can we use the same concept on this blog ah? Liddis, before you read, you deposit RM50 into my account. After you read, and u learnt something new, then I keep the RM50. If you think u wasted your time reading this blog, then I refund back the 50 bucks. T&C applied hor..

T&C: You must do a brain scan at your own expenses that you have learnt nothing new while reading this blog.

You think can or not..?

How crappy..


Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning?

Good Morning!

The other day, I mean night, I was a little hungry after work. The time was about 2am. I drove my car to a McD Drive Thru so that I can munch a healthy Big Mac before I sleep. Upon reaching the ordering window, I was greeted 'Selamat Pagi'. Of course techinically, the girl there is correct. After 12am is obviously the next morning. But since I am half dead from work, the sky is dark and I am going home to sleep, 'Selamat Pagi' seems to be a bit weird.

Then again when I collect my juicy Krabby Patties Big Mac, the waitress flashed a million dollar smile and wished me 'Selamat Pagi' again. Dun get me wrong ok, I am not complaining. I must say McD's Drive Thru counter at 24 hrs now is really convenient. And the service is fast and friendly too.

Let's do a short analysis here:

12am to 11.59am = Good Morning
12noon to maybe 6pm= Good Afternoon
6pm to 1159pm = Good Evening

Goodnite is when leaving or mau tidur time.

See ah, this means Good Morning is 50% of the day. Freaking 12 hours! Where got morning so long one? So, my suggestion is, from 12am to 6am, should be another greeting. Something that suits that moment.

Since that time is between morning and night, shall we name it Noling? Good Noling! Norning is abit difficult to pronounce. Bit tounge twister. 'Might' oredi taken. And Good Might also sounds abit out, kan?

12am to 6am = Good Noling
6am to 12noon = Good Morning
12noon to maybe 6pm= Good Afternoon
6pm to 1159pm = Good Evening

Baru balance, right? Now, which department should I submit my application?

What ridiculous? 15 years ago got the term Brunch meh? Think and see..

How crappy..


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Answer Ever

The setori is liddis..

Yesterday leh I went to The Curve this IT Hyperstore. Think think wanna buy some blank rewriteable DVDs to burn some movies one.. Then I saw got la 2 types of DVDs.. 1 is DVD-RW and the other one is DVD+RW..

Being an IT illerate, I look around to see got any sales guy to tell me wht's the difference onot. Then hor a smiley face guy came forward becos maybe he saw my blur face. I no waste time straight away asked him la, apa diference between these 2 types of DVDs...

He pointed at the first one with the DVD-RW and says, 'This one is rerecordable one..' Eh, this is the exact words on the cover.. I also know how to read la. Nevermind.. I ask again. 'So this one leh?' while pointing at the DVD+RW DVD.

He smiles at me, then say, 'This one is rewriteable one..' Ermm.. he reads from the cover again.

Ok, so I looked at him... 'So wht's the difference..?'

He suddenly looked lost, and look back at the DVDs, to read again the cover. And then I got the best answer ever...

'No difference one..'

WOI! Takkan no difference people wanna name it DVD+RW and DVD-RW kan? For fun ah?

Anyway, I gave up and grabbed the one with DVD+RW. Based on my CSI mind, I think the DVD-RW which says rerecordable is most likely for the use of those handycam that use DVD for recording one la... At least if you tell me that although is wrong I will still believe la..

No difference? Isn't that the best answer eva?

How crappy..


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hard To Say I am Sorry..

Not the song la, I wanna crap about the recent 'in' issue on the racist remark by our beloved garmen.. Well, he represent the garmen ma, he is the garmen geh horse, so, whatever he says is garmen says la..! Dun care.

Before that, something I really dun und. Let say I keep a diary. I wrote my opinion on the recent garmen. Negative opinion la. The the diary got stolen and someone duplicate it and make 1 million copies and distribute it. Can I be charged of being seditious mou?

So, when Malaysia Today kena blocked, why leh? The author did not sent out the link to the whole world to read what. It's a website, people login to that site based on own freewill. Ngam mou? The author can write whatever shit in it ma.. Not liddat one meh? Oklah, let say the author wrote baseless accusation. So what? It's his or her website what. It's just like his or her diary. He did not force anyone to read. People read based on their own discretion la.. No meh? Dunnolah..

Anyway, back to that racist remark. Occasionally I read Mahathir's Chedet site. I read because sometimes he got points on why this and that happened. But his recent entry on this issue makes me ponder again. Is he racist also? He says the Negarakuku song also poke fun on racial thingy and why the singer no say sorry but now this particular politician gotta say sorry. Eh, no meh? He got say sorry ma. The fadder and MCA also say sorry wat. And by the way, what's the big deal of someone with no political influence poke fun at racial thingy? Any Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu also can say something that upset another race. But the different now is these words came out from a politician. He represent the garmen. His words are much more heavier than any Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu. I say this toilet is dirty. No one will take any action. YB Alibaba says the same toilet is dirty. Next day, someone will built a new toilet with gold toilet bowl. Get the drift?

Come on lah, if you wanna label me as immigrant, then at least you exempt me from paying the taxes. You tax me, but not recognise my existence as legitimit. I pay the same tax, but I can never have the same rights? Make sense mou?

Frankly I dun care who take over as the garmen. At least put some efforts in making this country a better place to live in la, and not making it more difficult for anyone. I really dunno where this country is heading to, but I hope someday, in this life, I can see everyone appreciate everyone without looking at the skin color. But I know the chances are very slim.

Now dun tell me this entry is seditious.

How crappy..


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Loader Fwens

Many moon ago while me and my frens were working part time in a trading company, we got to know this lady.. err.. that time is a girl la.. i think 2-3 years older than us..

That time was after our SPM, so when results is out all of us hampalang resign lah, all back to school or back to college. But one of my fren, still keep contact with this girl and once a while when we come out for makan, this girl will join us.. So we guys just buy her lah.. All act genitalmen..

When we grow older, we seldom meet up anymore. All busy with their own stuff, where got so much time to meet? Got time also blog lah.. ngam mou?

Ok, abit of that girl story before we continue ok.. After she resigned from that company, she worked as a full time tutor. But I think she got side business like those MLM kind of thing. I duno. She got give name card before but I dunno phek jor hui pin..

Back to the story. Since she is a tutor, she is very free one. She dun teach every hour of the day. Just few hours only. So, whenever she is around my office, she will ring me up for lunch. 1st time, oklah, I pick up the bill. No problem. 2nd time, ok, I still pick up the bill. 3rd time, 4th time I bit tulan oredi. Hello, when we meet up, we dun eat at those kedai kopi u know. She picks the restaurant one. Summore those high high tei class restaurant. When the bill come, she dun even move an inch to reach for her purse. She just sit there and sip her iced lemon tea..

Anyway, few times oredi, I boh song liao. Then one day while me and my frens meet up for talk cock, one of my fren brings up this issue. They say she also look for them sometimes and also dun wanna pay. Just makan saja.. And he lagi teruk, she brings one of them go eat steaks during lunch time.

Few days later after we found out her modus operandi, she called me.. Say she is around my office and ask me to go lunch again. That time I told her I am not free as I have another lunch appointment. Since then, I've never heard from her anymore.

That was like 2 years ago. And by the way, I dun even know her full name until now. Just her engrand name saja..

How crappy hor..


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tiong Hua Hor Lim Pik

080808 Olympic just kicks off 2 days ago.

On that particular Friday, I told my boss I will be home tonite at 8pm to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic. He says he dunno what's so good about watching the opening ceremony. Not to say I am a sports fan..

I thought of a while.. He is right. I am not a sports fan. Well, I do like sports, but i prefer to play in it, rather than to watch it. Believe me, I never watched before any sports from start till end. Except a few EPL matched last time.

Badminton? Maybe a match or two during the Thomas Cup final. And that's when Malaysia is playing.

Golf? Faster change channel if there is any golf showing on TV.

Tennis? Max is like 20 minutes? Unless it's Women's single or double. Then can watch longer.

Swimming? Besides Olympic got other swimming competition one meh?

Bowling? Lagi tak tahan. Boring like shit.

Got 1 time I watch F1 with some friends.. Oh my... dem boring.. What's so exciting about seeing cars racing with each other, legally? I secretly hope that someone crash the car.

Dan lain lain all I no watch.. So, how come I am so excited about the opening ceremony of the Olympic?

Then suddely I turn around and answer him this, 'You no undestand lah, this time is the kebanggaan rakyat Tionghua...'

Seriously lah, do you feel abit bangga this time China host the game (if you are orang tionghua)? If yes. why leh? You orang China meh? You orang Malaysia tau!

How crappy.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auhuet Colleague

I got this extremely lazy ex collegue. Lazy until I auhuet. Ex becos he left the office last month.

Why lazy? Let's see:

Every week he will sick for a day or two. Every.fucking.week. If that week he is not sick, something bad will happen to him. Amongst the reasons he gave for not coming to work: uncle pass away, grandma pass away, accident (bike kena langgar at highway), house kena masuk pencuri, car breakdown etc.

The best part was, boss believes every single reason he gave. The rest of us suffer la. Whenever he din show up we all gotta do his work. Tiu.

Finally, the bestest excuse he gave for not turning up at work: someone wanted to kill him. He claimed that someone send a threatening SMS to him, saying wanting him to be dead. So, he called up boss and say he afraid to leave the house. And boss did the best thing. Hired a security guard to standby outside the office. Just in case tht 'assailant' turn up at the office to kill him. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan*

So, recently he tendered his resignation, saying a huge MNC wanted to hire in to be based in Spore. We are very happy. But insider news revealed that he wanted to ask for a raise but got turned down. So, he gotta accept the Spore offer. After he left, he message my colleage says he is not going Spore anymore. Another company wanted him to join them in NY. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan, vomit blood again and pengsan another time*

Oh, did I mention that he is just 25 and joined us for less than 6 months?

How crappy.