Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CNY Resolution

Dang! This year I missed the New Year Resolution.. But luckily I am a Chinese, there is another new year to celebrate not long after the angmoh new year.

Ok ok.. let's not waste anymore time, my 2014 CNY Resolutions ARE (please note it's a plural)...

1)  More books! Well, currently I am reading about 10 books a month.. I want to make it 50 books this year. (Replace 'month' with 'year' and divide all numbers by 10). Books include magazine but to show my sincerity, EXCLUDE newspapers.

2) Less coffee! Currently it's a cup a day. New target is.... a cup every 30 hours. It's 6 hours delay ok.. 1 day delay 6 hours, 10 days delay 60 hours, 1 year delay.. oh wow! 2000 hours. Based on my maths, it's 34.7 cups less in a year.

3) More charity! Shit looking back, I almost did nothing for charity all these while. Maybe it's time to start donating. Donating what remains a mystery up to the point of this posting.

4) Less meat! Ok, to start this off, I will cut down on wagyu beef.

5) More exercise! Currently, my frequency to the gym is once per week which I think is rubbish as in might as well don't go. Ok, now onwards, will go more than once per week! (Actually this resolution is not to be fitter, but to make my monthly payment more worthy...)

6) No Resolutions! Wait, what??