Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time is Bad. Serious.

It's funny.

The news shows hundreds of people queuing up for a job openings for 10 persons.

Newspaper reports that the job fair attracts thousands of unemployed but still hundreds left with no jobs.

Factories laid off thousands of employees.

Crimes rate rocketing.

Cost cutting. Plants shutting down. Foreign companies cutting their investments here. Allowances cut. Wages cut.

But in reality..

Crocs is crowded.

Premium Japanese buffet is fully booked for the next few months.

Shopping malls is packed.

No signs of property price dropping.

More Ferraris and Porches on the road.

More houses are built on the high end.

So tell me. Is time really bad?

Actually, IT IS!


See lah.. Mall's buggy mia tyres also gone.

Time to tighten our belts and prepare for the bad time.

How crappy.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not My Fault!

'Eh, go la..'

'Nolah, cannot yet..'

'Can oredi la, just go..'

'Nolah, still not ok, wait a bit more..'

'No need wait.. CAN GO oredi...'

'Dangerous leh, see properly first..'

'See what see? Late jor la..'

'If got police how?'

'Police your head. JUST GO!'

'Ok ok.. no need to shout..'

'So mafan next time take bus'

That was my left brain arguing with my right brain..

Saw this traffic light at the junction near my house.

You tell me lah, liddis go or no go?

Sometimes when I'm late, it's not always my fault ok..

How crappy..