Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Priority Fails

Sometimes, our local news is really funny.

Read this: Actress happy to be home but hopes family will accept Indonesian spouse

In a nutshell, this teenage girl returned from Indonesia and her husband is still in Indonesia (whatever reasons, tak tau). She is 15 yrs old, 6th months pregnant.

Her father says, 'I am upset because she did not even finish her PMR examination. I want her to complete her SPM examination..'

Hello? We have a bigger problem here ok! What PMR exam? Uncle, your daughter had been raped and is under-aged! And she eloped with an Indonesian. And the reason he can't come to Malaysia could be he is a criminal or previously a illegal immigrant?

Where is the law?

How crappy..


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who so GILA?

Guess ha.. The 7% of those who thinks the bank shouldn't subsidise the RM50 tax from where?

A) No credit cards
B) Bankruptcy due to credit cards
C) Bank CEOs
D) School Kids
E) Old Folks
F) Mat Rempits
G) Ah Longs
H) Tourists
I) All the above

How crappy..


*results from thestar, the paper that only report one sided story.