Monday, July 27, 2009

The Perils of 2 Sizes

I am sure this happens to you before. Dilemma. Fickle-minded. Crossroads..

Nolah.. Not any major decision but the choice between 2 sizes. Like Gunipok can't decide on her XXL or XXXL dress. Or Winn can't decide on her RM500 or RM50 bag. Anyway, the story is liddis..

That day I went to get a pair of shoes. Sales time is the best time to buy work apparels. So my selection was down to one nice pairs which doesn't have my size. Bummer!

Then I look around and saw another almost similar pair. The salegirl brought me 2 sizes, 8 and 9. I put on 8. Fits perfectly. I try 9. More comfortable. 8 or 9? 8 or 9? 8 or 9?

Try 8 again. Try 9 again. Can't decide as both doesn't make alot of difference. The salesgirl waited patiently. Ok, final decision. Size 9.

So the salesgirl proceed to pack my shoes and leave it on the cashier while we proceed to shop for other stuff. Finally we were done and proceed to make payment. The end.


I went home and unpack my shoes and guess what..?!

Both left side with 1 size 8 and 1 size 9.


How crappy!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Lurve Affair With...

It was a Saturday afternoon when we wander on what to snack in the cinema later. Then I saw my Lurve!

It was lurve at first sight. The packing and the color, oh, so captivating. French Onion.. Anything French is good. Seaweed Mori.. Sounds Japanese.. Anything Japanese is sophisticated. So, I grabbed the 2 packs of Lurve, happily skipping to the cashier.


We pass thru Pringles! What should I do? One is ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’, and the other one is just a hype like you see it in every blog. Decisions.. Decisions..

To be fair to both, I put both together to compare.

Old timer Pringles.. Sour Cream & Onion, Basil and Garlic. Sounds healthy! Vegetables! Vegetables is good for health and bowel movements.

Newcomer Lurve now looks so small and pale. French Onion? France got H1N1 hor? Seaweed Mori? Wow, look at the sea pollution! Oil spills etc. No way I am touching the seaweed.

The final decision is out. Sorry Lurve, Pringles will go into the cinema with me.

What no outside food allowed in the cinema? They got sell the sedaps Pringles meh?

How crappy..


Note: No Pringles or Lurve were harm during the selection process. But hearsay Lurve commited suicide 2 days later. Not my fault.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jokes Overdosed

Too much jokes is bad. Seriously.

I used to read a lot of jokes. During my younger days when I am damn free in the office (not sure the nature of the job is so free or I dunno what I am doing), I used to surf websites that update jokes on a daily basis. I even copy and past the funny ones on a Words doc and compile it, and print it out. I have 2 self-compiled jokes book now. What? Jokes got copyright one meh>? Chiseen.

Then Facebook came along and there is this application called ‘LOL’. It’s like a forum where people post their jokes and the rest will rate it. Some got a really funny one. I used to read that everyday for a few minutes before I start work. Well, starting the day with a few jokes is always better than starting the day reading sad stories from the newspaper, right?

Anyway, back to my point. Why is too much jokes is bad.

I read so much jokes, it came to a point that every joke that my friends crack, I’ve read before. And you dun really laugh at jokes that you’ve read before. Thus, either I be an asshole and says ‘theang gor jor la (listen before)’ or, fake a laugh. For not being an asshole, I opted for the latter. Do you know how torturous is it to pretend a laugh? Pretend a smile is easy. We do everyday. But pretend to laugh is not easy; especially the person who cracks the jokes is your boss.

Oklah, to end this post, have you heard of this joke before:

Lifeguard blows whistle.

Lifeguard: Hey, you are not supposed to pee in the pool..!
Guy : *look up* Why not? Everyone is doing it!
Lifeguard: Yes, but not from the springboard!

How crappy..