Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raya Songs

Year in year out, the same old Raya Songs. Balik Kampung la.. what else? Yoh, all the regulars la! Boring!

This year why not the local artists do some cover version of international songs with some Raya mood? Here are a few I can think of:

1) Ampun Is The Hardest Word: oa Elton John
2) Sirap In A Bottle: oa Christina Aguilera
3) Always Raya: oa Bon Jovi
4) Raya Don’t Cry: oa Fergie
5) I Just Call To Say Slamat Hari Raya: oa Stevie Wonder
6) Lemang Tree: oa Fool’s Farden
7) Hot and Cold Cincau: oa Katy Perry
8) Kurma California: oa The Eagles
9) Every Morning Syawal: oa Sugar Ray
10) Salam 25 Minutes: oa MLTR

oa=original artist

With songs like this, Raya will rawks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yusof Tileessss...

If you happens to listen to radio, especially English channel, there is this annoying ads with background of lounge music and a deep male voice naming different type of supreme quality dates and then a women voice whispering ‘Yusof Tiles’ at an interval of every 2 seconds. WTF on earth is a tiles company selling dates for Ramadhan??

The answer is, the ads is from Yusof Tayoob, a well known food importer, exporter and distributor (nick’d from Yuta’s website). So the woman’s voice is actually whispering Yusof Tayoob instead of Yusof Tiles.. But let me listen again. Is it Tiles of Tayoob… Aiyoh, whisper properly la…

Aiyah, I no sinkalan you one la...

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Remember this news?

I think we will know what happened next year when the suicide note miraculously appear to save the day.

Miracles do happens when there is no answer.

How crappy..