Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Lesson # 125

Today, you will learn something that you might not know that you don't know because you thought you already know everything but actually there are still stuff that you don't know that you don't know.

Wow, that's a mouthful. Anyway..

Lemme present to you, Life Lesson #125!

Do not do this.....

...when boarding a plane.

Please remember ok?

This is a community service specially brought to you by Sinkalan.

How crappy..


ps: muniandy, sorry for posting your pic. if you happen to see this, go eat capati ok? on me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To You!

Not sure if you notice this. Or just me.

Do you have friends celebrating his or her birthday this month? November babies? Anyone? November is somehow a birthday month. Many people celebrate their birthday. So, this month is extra pokai becos need to buy dinner for birthday friends.

Even that day when my office organised the monthly birthday party, November is the most number of collegues birthday. More than 10 of them. Some even share the same birthday. Normal months we have about 4-5 people but November... record breaking.

The only answer to this unusual phenomenon is....

Chinese New Year.

Ha, you see, Chinese New Year normally falls on which month, children?


Correct. And 9 months after February is what month, children?


Correct again!

So, no matter apa bangsa dan agama, CNY everyone happy becos holiday. And when holiday nothing to do, people will do what, children?


Wait! What is the Engrish word for that?

*HAVE SE...*

Hold it! What is the more sopan word for that?

*MAKE LO....*

Nope.. a more sopan word?



So, the conclusion is, CNY many people ekek one..

By the way, my papa also celebrating his birthday this month..

Ahyeh and Ahmah.. now we know what you all did during CNY 60 years ago!!

Happy birthday, papa..

How crappy..


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yoga Same Category As Charsiu?

Class, today's discussion is on the recent hooha on Yoga. What? Dunno? Liddis u dem out. If dunno what is the issue, go read here, ok?

Anyway, according to some pannai people, yoga is considered not halal becos it relates to Hinduism rituals. And by practising yoga, the pannai people will fear that they could deviate from the teachings of Islam. He also says this can lead to a serious crime according to syariah law (Islamic law) and this can destroy the family institution. Not I say one ok. I quote only.

For once, I agree 100% on this. True mah. How can a muslim performs rituals of anoder faith, kan? Dun care la, u do with a conscience mind or not. Not relevant. Dun care la, u do becos for good health or worshipping other God. Not relevant. Important thing is, you did something which goes againts the undang undang agama.

By the way, while we are at this, I suggest Muslim should be ban from visiting Batu Caves also from now on. Same theory what.. Hindu goes up tht hundreds of steps to reach the temple there. So, Muslim walking that steps also same like yoga, doing something which belongs to the other religion. Betul tak?

Oh, how about travelling on roads that pass thru temples or churches? Those roads are used by other devotees to go to their houses of worships also wo.. Is travelling on those roads can also leads deviation of the Muslim faith?

Another thing. Since talk until so serious, that yoga can 'lead to a serious crime according to syariah law (Islamic law) and this can destroy the family institution', ISA will tangkap or not ah?

How? Anyone can provide me answers?

Confuse la..

How crappy.