Monday, October 19, 2009

Time Waster 2.1

I just found a new way to waste some time!

It's ROFLRAZZI!! Click here!

That site will allow you to put caption on the photos provided. My favorite is to caption using those motivation posters style. There are 3 other templates you can do it. Aiyah, go to that site to find out lah. This post is to show you some of my proud masterpiece!

Am I talented, or am I talented?

How crappy..



goolypop said...

eh..print it on calendar! year 1998 one! Sure sell..

me said...

u say talented mah talented loh *rolls eyes*

Sinkar said...

Gunipok, 1998 sold out jor. Limited edition geh. Now I am aiming for 623 sebelum masihi.

Sinkar said...

Me, u r one of the 15 millions who agrees on this. Congrats!