Tuesday, September 7, 2010


These days with the popularity of DSLR cameras, suddenly everyone is a photographer. And because of this, there are alot of models as well. See FB, once a while there will be people publishing their work, either from aspiring photographers, or aspiring models. Even in dailychilli website, there is a section dedicated to self-proclaimed models.

But hor, the point I wanna stress is... those models in dailychilli damn sad la.. Below are a few photos i nicked from there...
What kind of pose is this leh? Nice meh? Looks like she is in the midst off pulling her head of in a horror movie..

Then this guy..

Don't have enough photo to post? A caricature? Think this is a comic book audition meh?

This girl lagi funny..

Can see the face ah? Photo like this also can be published as model? Wo de tian ah.....

Tell me, what happened to kick ass photos like this one? This is what we called Real Model ok!

How crappy..


ps: to all the models up there, if you happen to read this, nothing personal ok.. it's just that the photos are ugly. what? criticism leads to improvement ma..!


Anonymous said...

Better ask you to model...baru handsome! LOL!!!

Sinkar said...

stp, u got a point there.. lol!!

me said...

aiiiii? aiiiiiii? waitaminit!!! that last handsome photo bears a striking resemblance to u lehhhh! chehhhh, trying to promote your own handsome face issittttt?

Sinkar said...

me, eh, if not u think i wanna waste enegry write this post ah?