Saturday, July 27, 2013


Like this..

I needed to do a minor house renovation. So I asked this contractor to come and agak agak give me a price. He came and measure measure then says will sms me a quotation.

2 days later, he sms-ed me, quoting RM745.

Being a stingy financially sensitive person, I replied, asking for some discount. I thought the rule of thumb is suggest a huge discount, then renegotiate to a good price. I asked if can settle at RM500.

He replied, 'Sorry, cannot'.

That's it. 2 words.

So, being polite, I replied, asking can give me a best price?

He replied, 'RM740'.

Makehai.. I need RM5 discount from you ah? Dowan to do dun do lah. No need like that one...


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