Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auhuet Colleague

I got this extremely lazy ex collegue. Lazy until I auhuet. Ex becos he left the office last month.

Why lazy? Let's see:

Every week he will sick for a day or two. Every.fucking.week. If that week he is not sick, something bad will happen to him. Amongst the reasons he gave for not coming to work: uncle pass away, grandma pass away, accident (bike kena langgar at highway), house kena masuk pencuri, car breakdown etc.

The best part was, boss believes every single reason he gave. The rest of us suffer la. Whenever he din show up we all gotta do his work. Tiu.

Finally, the bestest excuse he gave for not turning up at work: someone wanted to kill him. He claimed that someone send a threatening SMS to him, saying wanting him to be dead. So, he called up boss and say he afraid to leave the house. And boss did the best thing. Hired a security guard to standby outside the office. Just in case tht 'assailant' turn up at the office to kill him. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan*

So, recently he tendered his resignation, saying a huge MNC wanted to hire in to be based in Spore. We are very happy. But insider news revealed that he wanted to ask for a raise but got turned down. So, he gotta accept the Spore offer. After he left, he message my colleage says he is not going Spore anymore. Another company wanted him to join them in NY. *slap forehead, roll eyes, vomit blood, pengsan, vomit blood again and pengsan another time*

Oh, did I mention that he is just 25 and joined us for less than 6 months?

How crappy.



rainbow angeles said...

he malai yan ka? or anneh?

and yr boss.. wah liu! lagi auhuet leh...

King's wife said...

from the sounds of it, sure anneh!
They got endless supply of relatives!!

Sinkar said...

angeles is korek. machan lei geh. boss also machan. sei mou?

hiongkongkiok said...

oh my machan.. singam lingam leh... Ping wok kum lar.. tang meh? Ng tung tang ngor chut sau??

reanaclaire said...

yr ex colleague reminds me of my colleague too..he is young, 25yrs old, didnt come to work for 2 months, said if come office, got charm, jampi, whole body shaking, high blood pressure..etc etc..actually, work messed up, couldnt balance.. then my bossie wrote a no pay leave letter for 3 months, persuaded him to sign so that he wont be fired by the govt...and now after 2 months, he came back to work,healthy as a cow, furthermore, change his scope of work so that another one takes over his that also got..

Sinkar said...

hkk, can u help us to do that? we already yan jor hou loi oi ping hui yat wok kum geh..

reanaclaire, y lah scumbags like these can get away with everything one..? tin ah....