Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tiong Hua Hor Lim Pik

080808 Olympic just kicks off 2 days ago.

On that particular Friday, I told my boss I will be home tonite at 8pm to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic. He says he dunno what's so good about watching the opening ceremony. Not to say I am a sports fan..

I thought of a while.. He is right. I am not a sports fan. Well, I do like sports, but i prefer to play in it, rather than to watch it. Believe me, I never watched before any sports from start till end. Except a few EPL matched last time.

Badminton? Maybe a match or two during the Thomas Cup final. And that's when Malaysia is playing.

Golf? Faster change channel if there is any golf showing on TV.

Tennis? Max is like 20 minutes? Unless it's Women's single or double. Then can watch longer.

Swimming? Besides Olympic got other swimming competition one meh?

Bowling? Lagi tak tahan. Boring like shit.

Got 1 time I watch F1 with some friends.. Oh my... dem boring.. What's so exciting about seeing cars racing with each other, legally? I secretly hope that someone crash the car.

Dan lain lain all I no watch.. So, how come I am so excited about the opening ceremony of the Olympic?

Then suddely I turn around and answer him this, 'You no undestand lah, this time is the kebanggaan rakyat Tionghua...'

Seriously lah, do you feel abit bangga this time China host the game (if you are orang tionghua)? If yes. why leh? You orang China meh? You orang Malaysia tau!

How crappy.



rainbow angeles said...

i olang cina maraysia!

hiongkongkiok said...

Tung tzi mern.. wo men si chung kuo ren..

Dun care black mao, white mao, tangkap tikus is a good mao!

Korek not, u say?

Ps. Damn syiok watched opening. U saw me as one of the concubines not?

Queen Tulaan said...

I oni watch those events when got hot males take part, haha! The women oso like men, all flat like feikeicheong. But paling glamour r the gymnasts la...can wear shiny shiny baju and makeup like wayang!