Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hard To Say I am Sorry..

Not the song la, I wanna crap about the recent 'in' issue on the racist remark by our beloved garmen.. Well, he represent the garmen ma, he is the garmen geh horse, so, whatever he says is garmen says la..! Dun care.

Before that, something I really dun und. Let say I keep a diary. I wrote my opinion on the recent garmen. Negative opinion la. The the diary got stolen and someone duplicate it and make 1 million copies and distribute it. Can I be charged of being seditious mou?

So, when Malaysia Today kena blocked, why leh? The author did not sent out the link to the whole world to read what. It's a website, people login to that site based on own freewill. Ngam mou? The author can write whatever shit in it ma.. Not liddat one meh? Oklah, let say the author wrote baseless accusation. So what? It's his or her website what. It's just like his or her diary. He did not force anyone to read. People read based on their own discretion la.. No meh? Dunnolah..

Anyway, back to that racist remark. Occasionally I read Mahathir's Chedet site. I read because sometimes he got points on why this and that happened. But his recent entry on this issue makes me ponder again. Is he racist also? He says the Negarakuku song also poke fun on racial thingy and why the singer no say sorry but now this particular politician gotta say sorry. Eh, no meh? He got say sorry ma. The fadder and MCA also say sorry wat. And by the way, what's the big deal of someone with no political influence poke fun at racial thingy? Any Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu also can say something that upset another race. But the different now is these words came out from a politician. He represent the garmen. His words are much more heavier than any Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu. I say this toilet is dirty. No one will take any action. YB Alibaba says the same toilet is dirty. Next day, someone will built a new toilet with gold toilet bowl. Get the drift?

Come on lah, if you wanna label me as immigrant, then at least you exempt me from paying the taxes. You tax me, but not recognise my existence as legitimit. I pay the same tax, but I can never have the same rights? Make sense mou?

Frankly I dun care who take over as the garmen. At least put some efforts in making this country a better place to live in la, and not making it more difficult for anyone. I really dunno where this country is heading to, but I hope someday, in this life, I can see everyone appreciate everyone without looking at the skin color. But I know the chances are very slim.

Now dun tell me this entry is seditious.

How crappy..



rainbow angeles said...

wuah... tis one really mou sinkalan wan woh... sinkar hou yeh!!

btw, if no pay tax hor, wats the consequences har? kenot cuti-cuti luar negeri ah?

GarGies said...

Wow.. this post deserves a standing ovation...(clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap...)

You mean you paying tax all your life here?? Sigh.. no wonder. So sorry I feel for you.

PureGlutton said...

Hmm...getting v political wor this post. The fler's party said sorry, the fler refused becoz he said he has nothin to say sorry for... then the fler's party's head said its OKn& accepts the fler's explanation on why he didnt wanna say sorry. Crap la... u tell me - what is the rakyat supposed to conclude fr this stupid fiasco leh?? I'm so confused.

King's wife said...

wah, lipai u seem smarter wor.. :P

Sinkar said...

angeles, if no pay tax.. will go ISA one dun play play..

gargies, u mean can no need pay tax ga? but i sked later kenot renew pssport..

pureglutton, aigh.. all puppet shows.. better concentrate on food better hor..

kingwife, oh, becos lipai i got eat itu multivits..

hiongkongkiok said...

eeeyeee.. mix with HKK more.. the brain smarter wor.. Not must becume SMARTERTER.. lari tax.. sik moe?