Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Answer Ever

The setori is liddis..

Yesterday leh I went to The Curve this IT Hyperstore. Think think wanna buy some blank rewriteable DVDs to burn some movies one.. Then I saw got la 2 types of DVDs.. 1 is DVD-RW and the other one is DVD+RW..

Being an IT illerate, I look around to see got any sales guy to tell me wht's the difference onot. Then hor a smiley face guy came forward becos maybe he saw my blur face. I no waste time straight away asked him la, apa diference between these 2 types of DVDs...

He pointed at the first one with the DVD-RW and says, 'This one is rerecordable one..' Eh, this is the exact words on the cover.. I also know how to read la. Nevermind.. I ask again. 'So this one leh?' while pointing at the DVD+RW DVD.

He smiles at me, then say, 'This one is rewriteable one..' Ermm.. he reads from the cover again.

Ok, so I looked at him... 'So wht's the difference..?'

He suddenly looked lost, and look back at the DVDs, to read again the cover. And then I got the best answer ever...

'No difference one..'

WOI! Takkan no difference people wanna name it DVD+RW and DVD-RW kan? For fun ah?

Anyway, I gave up and grabbed the one with DVD+RW. Based on my CSI mind, I think the DVD-RW which says rerecordable is most likely for the use of those handycam that use DVD for recording one la... At least if you tell me that although is wrong I will still believe la..

No difference? Isn't that the best answer eva?

How crappy..



hiongkongkiok said...

His england not bad wor.. No difference ah he said? If he said, 'no different' lagi char toe.. Hiak hiak hiak..

" No different. Same same" - thai version.

King's wife said...

you dunno the difference meh? Aiya...ask me lah.

rainbow angeles said...

so now u know wats the different mou? wat? no google meh??

Raynebow said...

The difference is in the price lor... lidat oso dunno? :P

Sinkar said...

hkk, the thai version is not same same but different meh? wanna bluff us ah u?

kingwife, oklah, ask u. dvd and vcr apa difference?

angeles, i was hoping one of u all to tell me. dimji all hopeless one..

raynebow, wow! pannai but both also priced at rm6, anjua?