Thursday, October 23, 2008

Win-Win Shituation

Ladies and genitalmens, today I wanna talk about a win-win situation.

It's liddis, that day I came across an ads that offer dunno wht services to expecting couples that they can choose the gender of their future kids. In the ads, there got write there big big 'Money Back Guaranteed'. Ok, before we proceed, let's see what are the possible services that this company can offer sin ok. I dun think there is any products involved. Most likely is the advice on diets la, ek-ek positions la, things to do la, things not to do la, maybe some herbs la.. etc..

So, let's say I wan a baby girl. So I pay RMXXXX. Then tiba tiba come out is a baby boy. How? Yay! I get my money fully refunded. Betul tak? But hor, if u look at company side, it's just like a Big-Small gamble. I collect money from you, then I ask you do this do that. If kena, I keep the money, if tak kena, I give you back your money. So, it's a win-win situation kan?

Can we use the same concept on this blog ah? Liddis, before you read, you deposit RM50 into my account. After you read, and u learnt something new, then I keep the RM50. If you think u wasted your time reading this blog, then I refund back the 50 bucks. T&C applied hor..

T&C: You must do a brain scan at your own expenses that you have learnt nothing new while reading this blog.

You think can or not..?

How crappy..



Winn said...

kns crap!

GarGies said...

yawor, that was what i thot too when i saw those kind of ads. never thot you applied so artistically on your blog here. nah.. i give you 5 cents.

hiongkongkiok said...

if i were you, i'd request for 50 patah perkataan ass-say for ppl who wan refunds. In your own words, explain how sinkalan is crappy? Then u can make those stamps which says "Congrats, you learn that sinkalan is indeed crappy" and stamp on all ass-says. Ng war tak leh.. Sing you SURE WIN biz.

Sinkar said...

winn, u got my account number not?

gargies, 5 sen per minit?

hkk, sinkalan is crappy meh? so informative majiam cnn tau..