Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning?

Good Morning!

The other day, I mean night, I was a little hungry after work. The time was about 2am. I drove my car to a McD Drive Thru so that I can munch a healthy Big Mac before I sleep. Upon reaching the ordering window, I was greeted 'Selamat Pagi'. Of course techinically, the girl there is correct. After 12am is obviously the next morning. But since I am half dead from work, the sky is dark and I am going home to sleep, 'Selamat Pagi' seems to be a bit weird.

Then again when I collect my juicy Krabby Patties Big Mac, the waitress flashed a million dollar smile and wished me 'Selamat Pagi' again. Dun get me wrong ok, I am not complaining. I must say McD's Drive Thru counter at 24 hrs now is really convenient. And the service is fast and friendly too.

Let's do a short analysis here:

12am to 11.59am = Good Morning
12noon to maybe 6pm= Good Afternoon
6pm to 1159pm = Good Evening

Goodnite is when leaving or mau tidur time.

See ah, this means Good Morning is 50% of the day. Freaking 12 hours! Where got morning so long one? So, my suggestion is, from 12am to 6am, should be another greeting. Something that suits that moment.

Since that time is between morning and night, shall we name it Noling? Good Noling! Norning is abit difficult to pronounce. Bit tounge twister. 'Might' oredi taken. And Good Might also sounds abit out, kan?

12am to 6am = Good Noling
6am to 12noon = Good Morning
12noon to maybe 6pm= Good Afternoon
6pm to 1159pm = Good Evening

Baru balance, right? Now, which department should I submit my application?

What ridiculous? 15 years ago got the term Brunch meh? Think and see..

How crappy..



GarGies said...

those hours you are supposed to be "dead" (sleeping), where got ppl greet ppl anything one? so, you ought to 'faan seng' ha what you are doing up at those ungodly hours.

anyway, if you insist to have a greeting, i dun second good noling, i think it shud be good moright, technically more korek, korek anot?

(mo left, mo right...)

hiongkongkiok said...

Got jiau GOOD FORE-NING la! Before morning maaa...

reanaclaire said...

how does Good Sleeping sound?

chey.. out of tune...

chau seen..

hiongkongkiok said...

claire, otherwise known as JOE TAU?

Luckily u run fast.. Sengkor got hide parang here sumwhere one ah..

Queen Tulaan said...

Wahlau... all those words veli chim la! I just stick to Gud Mohling, Gud Lie enough la... in between, no need to wish la - so mah farn!

rainbow angeles said...

selamat palam?
selamat magi?

Sinkar said...

gargies, nowadays.. no such thing as ungodly hour jor.. semua run 24 hrs..

hkk, if liddat how come u no suggest good ternite? after night maaa...

reanaclaire, the problemo is, tht time not all is sleeping one..

hkk again, sengkor sudah bersara... now his son sinkar took over. but also got parang one..

queen, simplicity is the best hor..

angeles, selamat hari raya.