Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Football Management

I am not sure if anyone noticed this ads on yesterday's newspaper from dunno what college offering cources in Football Management. The ads yelled something like this. 'Executive level can earn as much as RM200k plus annually. Other business/finance executive fresh grads can only earns RM20k annually. Manage the best football clubs in the world.' Something like that.

Wow! Isn't that tempting? If I just finished my SPM, I also wanna study Football Management man! Can earn 10 times more than a normal degree leh. Where to find?

But then hor, think la. What the difference if I say this, 'Finance/Accounting grads can earn as much as RM300k annually leading the BIG 5..'

The common issue is, how many rich football clubs are there in the world? And how many PWC, KPMG are there in the world? The answer is, only a handful. And how many graduates are fighting for these posts worldwide? Millions!

So let say I spent my money in getting a degree in Football Management, what's next? Fight with few millions of graduates worldwide for the post in the few EPL football clubs? Spanish Leagues? Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia?

Silap silap end up as 'Pegawai Sukan Kelab Bola Sepak Bawah 18 Tahun Kampung Buaya Utara (Zon 3)'.

And as always, I might be wrong :)

How crappy.



hiongkongkiok said...

this is wat they called, buy a dream... you know or not? For ppl like us, moesorsisi, attend course and fattmoong become thaksin, buy sell clubs.. geh goryan??

mistipurple said...

foot management lagi best. sure earn alot. buy lots of fishes, charge high high. make $$