Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ultimate CNY Quiz

You know you are an Ahbeng or Ahlian but cannot confirm? Let's confirm this!

Chinese New Year kaming hor.. Chai Shern Dao liao.. Let do this simple test about your preparation for the new year to confirm you are an Ahbeng or Ahlian or not, k?

1) When you see 988 or MyFM CNY CD/DVD is out for sale:
a) You terus buy a copy (add 2 points)
b) Then go home and make copies (add 3 points)
c) Distribute to your friends for free (add 4 points)
d) Make copies and sell (add 10 points)

2) You dye your hair:
a) To a lighter shade (add 2 points)
b) Blonde color (add 3 points)
c) Red color (add 4 points)
d) With the word 'OX' in different color (add 10 points)

3) You buy new clothes for CNY:
a) Just 1 set for 1st day of CNY (add 2 points)
b) 2 sets for the first 2 days of CNY (add 3 points)
c) 15 sets sampai Chap Goh Mei (add 4 points)
d) All traditional Wong Fei Hoong style (add 10 points)

4) You send out SMS greetings:
a) To those who sent to you (add 1 point)
b) To all the close friends (add 2 points)
c) To everyone on your address book (add 3 points)
d) To strangers by random phone numbers (add 10 points)

5) All the 4-words CNY greetings:
a) You know by heart (add 2 point)
b) You know the meanings as well (add 3 points)
c) You know when is the good time to say (add 4 points)
d) You have your own new self-created greetings (add 10 points)

6) During reunion dinner:
a) Must have that black hairy fungus (fatt choy) (add 2 points)
b) Must have auspicious name dishes (add 3 points)
c) Force change the dish name ie Steamed Fish = Prosperity Steamed Happiness Fish (add 4 points)
d) In all the dishes inclusive plain rice ie Silver Richness Overflow Rice (add 10 points)

7) On CNY eve night, you:
a) Watch TV while eat kuaci with family (add 1 point)
b) Jeep Choy Sun (add 5 points)
c) Jeep Choy Sun with a Taoist Sifu (add 20 points)
d) Play lantern (add 30 points)

8) First Day of CNY (1):
a) Cannot sweep floor (add 2 points)
b) Although you forgot to sweep 1 week before CNY (add 3 points)
c) Although you spilt a bucket of sand on the way out to the garden (add 5 points)
d) Although the trash bag ripped on the way out to the dustbin outside (add 10 points)

9) First Day of CNY (2):
a) Cannot wash hair (add 2 points)
b) Although you forgot to wash 1 week before CNY (add 3 points)
c) Although got bird droppings on the way out to the garden (add 5 points)
d) Although there is a cockroach crawling around the hair (add 10 points)

10) You gamble during CNY:
a) Play blackjack with the kids cheating with their angpow money (add 2 points)
b) Continue playing for 15 days (add 5 points)
c) Go Genting and try your new year luck (add 10 points)
d) Continue gambling for 15 days (add 20 points)

11) During CNY (1):
a) You get emotional because another year is gone (add 2 points)
b) You get emotional because it's the time you see all ur family members (add 3 points)
c) You get emotional because the OX Year prediction says ur luck no good (add 5 points)
d) You get emotional because you need to give out angpows (add 10 points)

12) During CNY (2):
a) You are happy because it's new year (add 2 points)
b) You are happy because it's holidays (add 3 points)
c) You are happy because can get angpow (add 5 points)
d) You are happy because can gamble (add 10 points)

The result!

0-20 points: You are not a chinese
21-50: You are normal
51 and above: Just admit that you are Ahbeng and Ahlian..

How crappy..



reanaclaire said...

i didnt try out the quiz..but i read thru all.. and i hv to salute u.. if u create this, a lot of effort have been put up..(10 points) if u copy paste, someone give u 10 points juga.. why? u r promoting for 988 ma....

Sinkar said...

aiyoh reana.. everything u see here is original lo.. c&p tak main ok.. sad la u say i copy paste.. dowan fren u..

GG said...

so confiskated one the list? i got easier 1 liner question-air only to find out if you are ah beng/ ah lian la.

Q: Did you really go and answer all the questions in this sinkar's cny quiz?
A: Yes
B: No

If A, congrats! you are 100% ah beng/ ahlian.

If B, why you come and read this sinkar's blog? you no sked he come and whack sembilan you ah? Go and answer the quiz and come back to my 1 liner question, then you know if you are ah beng/ ah lian.

See? Easy nia!

hiongkongkiok said...

Yo, oh shite.. you yellow skin chinks are full of shite, yo!Anyways, hockyipchoonpoe, popokoesing, saninfattaichoy!

Obviously not an ahleng..

mistipurple said...

i is ahlian.

me said...

ah mah!! i got 284 marks woh! wah liao 100%!! ah mah, ngo tuck chor lah!!!

me said...

comment no. 7, kei see seen 300 ah??

comment no. 8, lei ho moe?

comment no. 9, kung hei fatt choy ah, siu pang yau.

comment no. 10 x 30....haiyoh, so fast 300 liao, like not yet start to comment anything pun. ok, quick quick update, already 300 comments. :-p

Sinkar said...

GG, your 1 question is more confusing than my 12 qiuestions leh!

HKK, yo ahling! hv u chiak bao yet? Come, let's go jiak loti, lim guni! (hokkien+engrand=kompirm ahling language)

Misti, at 55 points, you qualify to be ahlian ambassador liao..

Me, me, me and me, ur comment is very valueable to us. please proceed to the information counter to claim your Double Happiness Forever Prosperity Everlasting Good Fortune Destiny Keychain.

me said...

wow!!! double bla bla bla keychain?!?! just what i have always wanted. i've been searching high and low for it. if i post another 2 comments, can get another keychain ah? seng siong seng tue mah.

me said...

so how, still no updates ah? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. wake me up when got updates ah *munching on kali yee tarn meanwhile*

me said...

this one sung keh! admit it, your brain juice is dry. you have nothing interesting to blog. hence tak ada updates. hahahahaha.

mistipurple said...

i got keychain or not?
but ambassador sure can have more hor?

happies moo ni sinkalan.
don't know your name, can call you sinkalan i suppose. not that i know what it means.

me said...

new year oredi, still not yet update?!!?!?! you sure think slow!! i have to keep leaving comments at this old post, see so many of my name until i scared liao.

Raynebow said...

me ah lian, me veli enjoy tis quiz :P