Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Incomplete Guide to Krabi Part Two

After settling down our stuff at the apartment, we terus called a tuktuk to bring us out to Aonang for Linner (Dunno what is Linner? Think brunch).

One thing bad about the apartment is that it's abit far from Aonang Beach. Walking takes about 20-30 minutes? So, everytime we need to go out we have to call a tuktuk, charging 20 bahts per person. When you start to bargain on this they will take out a price list dunno from where and says the fare to Aonang is 20 bahts each. Standard.

Since we are so hungry, we just walked into one place and order our food. We ordered some thai food which includes tomyam (my super fav food) and some other forgot-what-is-the-name stuff. Yummy!

The special thing about Krabi here is, every time they serves you rice, it will comes in a heart shape. The question is, do you have the heart to break the heart of a rice? Hell yes!

Besides Thai food, there's alot of stalls selling pancakes, with different flavors. They have banana pancakes, butter pancakes, strawberry pancakes, peanut butter pancakes and the list is long. This is the Nutella Pancake.

Taste good, but oily. Normally nice food are bad for health one hor? See this sista so concentrate in making one good pancake. Sista, if you got read this blog hor, I suggest a new pancake for you. Can try to make Tomyam Pancake mou?

Advice of the day: Thailand is the place to say SAI without really feeling bad about it.


Me: This one got SAI?
Seller: You what SAI?
Me: M SAI got?
Seller: Got M SAI got L SAI..
Me: M SAI tao rai...?

So, just feel free to say SAI whenever you wanna buy selipars, bermudas and shirts..

Coming up next: Islands hopping got what SAI to see? (I know wrong usage of the word SAI but I can't help it lor..)

How crappy..



reanaclaire said...

after reading yr post, i told my frens about krabi wanna-go-or-not.. looking forward to reading more sai.. oh i mean posts..
heart shape rice? hehe..really fascinating..

hiongkongkiok said...

the other dishes are called (lemme refresh your memory ):

saladeang krup ka (keropok, see the 'krup' sound?)

sukumvit prek tahp (tebu, see the 'prek' sound?)

taorai M sai krap (how much also dun sell punya 'chocolate')

No nid say thank you.

-An angel in the heart of the city of Bangkok who hails from Malaysia, but cares to share tips amongst frenemies-

me said...

why suddenly u look so sweet and innocent keh? somemore so short. wearing yellow skirt cuteeeee *pinchhhhhh cheeks*

the food looks d...*teet* good lah. speaking of tomyam my mouth is drooling. so long never drink oredi. maaaaaaaa.....!

mummy never teach u when talking about food, don't talk about sai meh???

from your die hard no. 1 fan who still must eat, shit and breathe..and also don't subscribe to blog updates notification

Raynebow said...

Tomyum pancake hoe sik meh? Yau suin yau lat kinda hamchim-paeng?!

me said...

krabi adventure stops at part 2 ah? what happened to the return of krabi, part 3 and krabi: a new hope, part 4 and krabi strikes back, part 5? not enough budget to make the sequel ah?

Sinkar said...

claire, need a tour guide? i am available at rm500/day excluding food and lodging. quality tour assured.

hkk, wanna sinkalan me ah? the picture where got keropok and tebu??

diehard fan, tomyan is the best food around. makan 3 kali sehari, jerawat sure menjadi-jadi..

raynebow, tomyam pancake ting guagua.. easiest way is u dip the hamjimpeang in the tomyam soup. same thing hor..?

me, sabar ok. i very busy on ma.. one day few millions up down one.