Friday, March 13, 2009

An Incomplete Guide to Krabi Part Three

As mentioned last 2 episodes, we booked ourselves an islands hopping tour on the 2nd day of our trip at 1000 bahts per person, which includes lunch and of course, island hopping.

Early early morning the van came and pick us up to Aonang Beach for the departure. Before naik boat, as usual, we need to gather around for a session of rules and regulations like budak sekolah. Sometimes hor, you think all this is a waste of time listening to 'lectures' but I can say that, they are many dumbheaded people out there. Without this 'lectures', sure got people lost la, late la, fall into the sea la.. etc. No sinkalan you one.

After lectures, all school children line up and naik boat. See, so discipline. If no lectures, sure got hooligans cut queue one.

The journey to these islands abit far. But the sceneries are great and the speed of the boat is fast. The ventilation is good too. All these combinations, you wun feel sick sitting in the boat. If you still feel seasick, then you go hire a helicopter to bring you around.

Oklah, kidding. If you still seasick, just pop ur head out to look at the beautiful sea or pop a pill. Whichever you pop will sure makes you feel better..

The first Island is the one where they film the movie The Beach starring Leonardo. Nice place. As ususal, when a place is nice and popular, it will be crowded. Finding a place to lie down seems to be a challenge..

After the first beach, the rest, ermm, I have forgotten which is which. What I remember though, is boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat, boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat,boat moving, boat stop, jump from boat, snorkeling, naik boat.. few times. But the water is crystal clear with alot of fishes. Something that you can't find anywhere near in KL.

Just hold a bread, and all the fishes will surround you. It's fun to be surrounded by fishes.

Along the way, we passby the Viking Cave. Viking Cave? Thailand wor? Got vikings meh? Vikings only popular in Sunway Lagoon mah. But then the guide got say la. Last time got one angmor ship, called Viking. Found this cave and they decided to explore it la. They crews all stay in that cave for dunno how long. Now the garmen closed that cave to public because need to harvest bird nest. Disclaimer: Cannot confirm accuracy because I was busy taking a nap thinking something else.

The whole island hopping ends about 4pm. Then the van will bring us back to our apartments. On the way, we couldn't resist to ask the driver to stop by Mcdonald's to have our dose of Samurai Pork Burger.

Advice of the day: Be punctual if joining such trip to avoid embarrassment.


2 gays missing from the boat. Dunno go where making out.

Tourguide Michelle: We have 2 persons missing. Now we all have to wait for them.
All of us: *restless*
Tourguide Michelle: Next time whoever is late, penalty is 50 bahts.
All of us: *make mental note*
Tourguide Michelle: And have to give me a kiss.
All of us: *make a harder mental note*

Finally, the 2 gays came onboard while everyone looking at them, hoping very hard that Michelle will force them to kiss him. Him? Yes, Michelle is a guy previously and partially.

Coming up next: Tiger Cave!

How crappy..



me said...

aiyo, so sexy picture of yourself. belly button also can see. hehe. actually i know u trying to take pic of that lady in red bikini in the background and use the little girl as prop lerrrr. why no pic of ...samurai pork burger??? and no pic of michelle?

goolypop said...

how come u hold bread the fish can come? they have great eyesight, or smelling sense or hearing sense or 6th sense?

Raynebow said...

Ehh... the fish got nibble nibble you there ah...LOL! Ya man, i miss the pork burger there!

Sinkar said...

me, michelle got.. u see the 1st pic. michelle is standing on the far right. pretty mou?

gunipok, ofkoz is smelling sense la.. still need to ask geh..

raynebow, oh u mean the dead skin on my feet ah? like fish spa? dun have wor..

me said...

1st pic far right that call 'previously'?? i think she must save more money to have extensive surgery done lah. which part look like woman ah?