Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Day at School

School holidays are finally over..

I woke up with a messy hair at 630am. Dragging myself to the bathroom to wash up.

Thanks mum for the sandwiches which is a life saver. Breakfast is very important to start off the day, especially it's a day of studies.

I checked my bag again to make sure everything is there. It's not a good thing to leave anything behind on the first day.

Upon reaching the classroom, I greeted my classmates Good Morning. I wanna be a good boy now. I wanna be a polite boy. I wanna get A for Moral.

When the teacher came in, I wished her Good Morning too. She is happy. Then she proceeds with her lesson, explaining to me whatever I am unsure.

Few hours later is recess time. My classmates asked me to join them for makan. Since I am new, I decided to follow them, and to catch up with them on whatever that I've been missing.

After makan, back to classroom for further lessons. The clock is ticking very slowly. But it comes to the end finally. I bid my classmates and teacher goodbye and went home, feeling tired.

That was basically what happend today as my first day at WORK. By the way, please re-read the above by replacing teacher with manager, classmates with colleagues and classroom with office.

Tengkiu berry much.

How crappy..



Winn said...

u forgot to bring photos werrrrrrr

GG said...

Did you ahma say "you don't get 5A's home, you gonna get it"?

(reread the above, replacing 5As with 5 digit salary)

me said...

mei loi kei sup lin toe hai wooi kam kor lah. tim hoe?

goolypop said...

u forgot the part you kena tikyap chisor..and they bashed you up simply becos you are a new student..

(reread the above, replace toilet with cafeteria, bashed you up with ask you belanja and student with faggot)

Sinkar said...

winn, u mean megan fox photos ah..?

gg, RM799.99 is consider 5 digits mou?

me, u mean i will be fired alot of times in years to come? tamader..

gunipok, i think while u r young u must be a fei mui with braces and always taken into the toilet for bashing due to your face.

(reread the above with the same exact word) lol!