Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jom Lunch

It’s liddis. Yesterday la.. I was snaking taking a break walking around the cafeteria about 10am, I heard someone yelled my name from the other end. I was panic at first because it’s like you went to the canteen not during recess time and caught by someone. Last time in school right, going to the canteen before recess time is very good. No queue and can sit anywhere I like..

Ok, let’s not sidetrack and back to my setori. It’s my ex-colleague. He’s having a meeting in the building. We had a short chat and he suggested to have lunch together later to catch up. Oklah, since long time no see. So, about 1230 he sms me saying he is already in the cafeteria.

I bid my normal lunch kaki farewell and proceed to the cafeteria. He waved at me from an empty table. So I took my seat and he says that 2 of his colleagues will be joining us..

Waseh, once the 2 colleagues sat down hor, the 3 of them start talking about work, their meetings, issues etc.. I just sat there listening to stuff which is not relevance to me at all! Once a while i just gave a no-brainer comment.

Then after makan, he says if I have something on then I can go 1st.

Tamader, next time dun ever ask me go lunch if you are in this building..

How crappy..



me said...

what lah! friend like that, who needs enemies?? come jom lunch, i give u my undivided attention harrrrrrrr. look straight into your chak mei chak ngan eyes ok? sorry, i don't want to risk death at the hands of a certain somebdy. say only ahhhh...

reanaclaire said...

hahaha... i can imagine the scenario.. sitting there like a dunggu ye? and thinking of all sorts of names for your fren at the same time.. #$@@!!&*

good one .. so enlightening!

goolypop said...

cheh...! Doe hai gor gui.. not like got other ppl york nei sik si...

You always also weird weird sit alone at 1,2 corner one laaa! Sik si, who wan to sit next to you woh?

PureGlutton said...

Must be very awkward lor... i oso hate such situation!

rainbow angeles said...

how cum u always got these type of 'colleagues' wan?

GG said...

People call you to pay the bill only la.. now you know true frens like us so hard to come by, right? appreciate a bit now la, hoe mm hoe?

Sinkar said...

me, thanks for the offer, but i also dowan to risk death at the hands of certain sombody..

claire, one of the names is hkl..

gunipok, luckily u mentioned abt ur diet. u think everyone like u sik si one meh?

PG, i just feel like leaving the table on the spot la... but give face..

malaikat pelangi, dun tell me all ur fwens are like me so normal..

GG, as a gesture of appreciation.. Jom Lunch!