Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jokes Overdosed

Too much jokes is bad. Seriously.

I used to read a lot of jokes. During my younger days when I am damn free in the office (not sure the nature of the job is so free or I dunno what I am doing), I used to surf websites that update jokes on a daily basis. I even copy and past the funny ones on a Words doc and compile it, and print it out. I have 2 self-compiled jokes book now. What? Jokes got copyright one meh>? Chiseen.

Then Facebook came along and there is this application called ‘LOL’. It’s like a forum where people post their jokes and the rest will rate it. Some got a really funny one. I used to read that everyday for a few minutes before I start work. Well, starting the day with a few jokes is always better than starting the day reading sad stories from the newspaper, right?

Anyway, back to my point. Why is too much jokes is bad.

I read so much jokes, it came to a point that every joke that my friends crack, I’ve read before. And you dun really laugh at jokes that you’ve read before. Thus, either I be an asshole and says ‘theang gor jor la (listen before)’ or, fake a laugh. For not being an asshole, I opted for the latter. Do you know how torturous is it to pretend a laugh? Pretend a smile is easy. We do everyday. But pretend to laugh is not easy; especially the person who cracks the jokes is your boss.

Oklah, to end this post, have you heard of this joke before:

Lifeguard blows whistle.

Lifeguard: Hey, you are not supposed to pee in the pool..!
Guy : *look up* Why not? Everyone is doing it!
Lifeguard: Yes, but not from the springboard!

How crappy..



me said...

your life very foo moon ah? read jokes not enough, somemore must print it and keep. for what leh? read one time mah enough loh, like u said 2nd time also cannot laugh lah. so weird.

u know what u can do now? sell those jokes to reader's digest!! eard usd leh, no kidding one! when got a lot of $$$, remember to cheng ngor sek farn ah.

reanaclaire said...

u gave me an idea.. i think i cooollect your posts here and make into a book.. and send them to reader digest to make some USD like the abovementioned fella said..
crappy posts, adios!

goolypop said...

Smile and and nod..sumtimes bang bang table like its dem hard is that jek?

Ur drama class nvr teach meh?

Raynebow said...

Ok tat was a good joke - belum dengar before *guffaws*! See what a good fren I am!

me said...

today wednesday liao. u have another 4 days to go before you failed your one post a week resolution. get to work!!! *kick*

Sinkar said...

me, reader's digest for old ppl. u got read?

claire, my posts all very deep and serious one ok..

gunipok, like how I react to ur 'jokes'?

raybebow, u so real one? i likey!

me again, things come once a blue moon baru special ok!