Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Names vs Names

Recently I have a friend who converted to Muslim as she is about to marry a Malay guy. So, she changed her name to a Malay name, keeping her surname at the back.

I was thinking. How come chinese need to adopt a malay (or muslim?) name when converted to muslim but I have some malay friends who name their kids Daniel, Ian, Aaron etc?

I mean what is the significance or the ruling of names for muslim? Is there any? I have a malay friend in Spore who dropped the word 'binti' on the names of his daughters. Can or not ah in Malaysia?

Let say Razak got a son, and he decided to drop the word 'bin' in the name. He name his son Daniel. So, his son will be called Daniel Razak. Then later Daniel married and got a daughter and he name his daughter Pricilla. So, his daughter will be called Pricilla Daniel?

So, next time Pricilla Daniel is a malay and Nuraini Abdullah is a chinese?

Confusing doe sei!

How crappy..



GG said...

pricilla daniel and nuraini abdullah are men, please!

eugene said...

Kah kai choi kai, kah gyap choi gyap kua.........

but seriously i dont really think Islam compels one to change name when a conversion is made,, dont you think so?

Raynebow said...

This is really food for thought!

goolypop said...

BUT! if pricilla kawin a japanese, the kid will be named Godzilla.

BTW, in indonesia..chinese surnames have been islam-fied. For eg. saLIM, haLIM dan lain lain.

Here, the thai chinese will have surnames which they keep in the pocket. Never use at all.. unless the grandfather quizzes the child.

Winn said...

liucas sama ngan i,hokkien surname -yeoh

Sinkar said...

GG, and Gargies is the name of an alien from Planet ZG6TN-PV3.

eugene, err.. dunno wor.. homework for you. u do research then let us know ok? haha

raynebow, since it's food for thought, dun read after midnite. fattening :D

gunipok, how about the chinese in Ghana?

winn, yeoh is not hokkien surname ok. yeoh popular in Bukit Bintang area, same as YTL one.