Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Not sure if I am stupik or what.. Sometimes I just can't understand..

I am refering to the lady who was sentensed to be whipped and she wanted it to be whipped publicly, for drinking beer. Her offence was drinking beer. Drinking beer! DRINKING BEER!

Now, my question.

Is drinking beer a crime? Yes, it's forbidden by her religion, but, is it a crime? If her religion disallowed it, then let God deals with her when her time is up. Telling lies and taking bribes is forbidden by the religion as well. Do we see anyone whipped publicly for telling lies and taking bribes?

Theft/robbery/rapes/murder/etc are forbids by religion and by country law as well. It's fair to punish the offender. But drinking beer? I know police will arrest muslim who is not fasting during ramadhan. Again, is ponteng puasa a crime? Let's God deal with them! Who are we to judge another person for not doing things according to religious law?

I am not a religious scholar but I know there is a verse in the bible that says:

And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." - John 8:7

We are living amongst hypocrites and God wannabes.

Not sure if I am stupik or what.. Sometimes I just can't understand..


How crappy.


Winn said...

alcohol is drug meh

goolypop said...

"Beer is the living proof that God loves us" - Benjamin Franklin.

On a lighter note, according to my fren who asked me to have a broader mind, this whole thing has a hidden agenda... from the beer company to stage outrage.. and to gain international publicity.

rainbow angeles said...

wah liu.... quote Bible tim... oh i forgots... u is chrisanthemum...

do they rotan thieves and robbers in m'sia? in public? double standard...

Winn said...

u dont guai guai shu shu added in bible's quote after posting!! so mou seng yee~!!!!dunno copy from where

Winn said...

buddha says ' amitabha! jau york chuen cheong kor'

me said...

i am eating pistachio nut but i very lazy to open the shells lah. anybdy can open shells for me ah?

huh? what does that hv to do with your post? nothing. not one bit. except beer does go well with pistachio nut. must have relevance one meh??

Sinkar said...

winn, beer is guai loe liong char.

gunipok, wanna sinkalan us ah? that quote is from mat kilau one ok..

lengbow, yes, they rotan. but use toothpicks.

me, are u drunk? again?

Jacky Chung said...

the more religion law, the more people will offence it, because they cannot tahan nafsu as other people always do who do not abide by their own religion.