Monday, September 7, 2009


See that guy with a chair? Knowing his friend in front is in a deep discussion, he carries a chair for him to sit.

This is the way to go!

Help each other and be polite.

Contohilah amalan mulia.

How crappy..



goolypop said...

watched too much barney jor.. why dun we suggest all the violent shows to have reverse effect?

makes sense mou?

Gargles said...

i thot he wants to take a chair nearer to the discussion area to sit down and guai guai listen to what they are talking, no meh?

me said...

i see infront and at the back got so many ppl no chair to sit. why he get such good preference?!?! vvip har? cronies!!

Sinkar said...

gunipok, issit like tom and jerry berdansa?

gargles, dun think so becos he so fat cannot sit on 1 chair.

me, moe mm mui. heard of invisible chair? shaolin temple got alot.