Monday, November 2, 2009

Yummy Tarts!

This is a story relates to me by my friend about her boss in Singapore:

One day, her boss brought in a jar of yummy pineapple tarts, offering to the team during Hari Raya. The team were very happy becos the tarts are dem delicious. The next day, whole jar went missing!

Everyone realised the jar was missing but nobody asked anything until few days later, the boss walked pass the snacks corner (where she put the delicious jar of pineapple tarts). She told the team that she already brought home the tarts (wtf?). She wanna let her sister have a taste of it. And her sister likes it very much! So her sister offers a piece of it to her doggie. And the doggie practically licking the crumbs dry! Seeing the doggie likes it so much, her sister then feed the whole jar to the doggie (wtf-f-f-f-f).

Everyone in the team went oookaayyyyyyyy............

Yes, the boss and her sister are single ladies, except already expired. You know what I mean..?

How crappy..



goolypop said...

u discriminate dogs ah? Ppl can eat tarts, dogs kenot meh?

If Mr. Liew likes to eat lormaikai, u also let him eat rite?

Gargles said...

that means..
she means...
dogs are better and more deserving than her staff lor..

Sinkar said...

gunipok, i discriminate the tarts jek..

gargles, u discriminate dogs ah? Ppl can eat tarts, dogs kenot meh?