Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful World of Internet

NOTE: This is NOT a pay post or anything yang sewaktu dengannya.


There is a great sales tomorrow. Coach bag, new arrival 90% discount! Keith and whatever shoes, 90% discounts! Blackberry, RM100 each, no commitment fees! Burberry warehouse sales, everything must go! LV closing down sales!

I am sure you will go and join the madness. BUT! Stuff like this, please expect people to line up at 3am before the shop opens. This is how crazy people are. I remember last time when Krispy Kreme started in Time Square, there is an offer that the 1st customer will get a lifetime supply of doughnuts. And 1 girl really start queuing up like more than 24 hrs to be the 1st customer.

Anyway, this problem is now solved! Let me introduce.... queuing up services!! Imagine, when you need something important and there is a long queue expected, just submit your request and at a fee, someone will queue up for you. So, when the time come, you can just stroll to the line leisurely and take the place reserved for you, maybe the 1st in line! Too bad the service now only applies in Washington area. Btw, I think this is a great business opportunity! Now I need some free college students who wants to earn some extra bucks..


You are farming in the office (dun pretend la, you know what i am talking about one..) and someone walk to your cubicle and start talking about his hobby in collecting Starwars figurines. Or while eating a Big Mac and your best friend come up to you and talk about financial planning.

I am sure time like this, you need someone to give u a call and then you give a gesture that you are not free to talk now because you need to attend an important call. A call that can save your life or even more important, money in situations like this.

This problem is now solved! Let me introduce... a call that can help you to escape!! Buy the software and then just a click on the icon and your phone will ring. How handy can this be? At a small fee, this service can really be a life saver..

Now, who says internet is full of junks??

How crappy..


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goolypop said...

oh.. i like the q-ing up one. Neh, go q up at toilet sin.. dun care three seven twenty one.. in case kapsi later.. then no nid Q lor.

Ngo hai mai hoe lek leh?