Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will You Sing?

Everyday, my collegue listen to the radio softly. And for the past few weeks, every afternoon, there is this competiton where callers will call in to sing. But I am not sure what competition is that..

Anyway, whenever someone sings through the radio, we were like 'ewww.. why la.. dem torturous wei...'

But then I asked her, how much is the offer will u sing through the radio? She says dunno.. 1000 bucks maybe?

So, how much do you think is the prize only u will open ur golden mouth to sing through a radio..?

How crappy..



goolypop said...

Movie ticket oso I sart! Cmon.. Radio jek ma. Ppl won't know is u wat.. Just say my name is Simone priserla amurumugan.

Gargles said...

wahh... tht pic you put there, dem torturous wei..

i also will sing. i just say my name is sinkar the akua.

me said...

1million dollars also cannot woh. i know i sure lose one, mm yam pat chuen, what for entertain ppl who stand by the radio and say "ewww...why la...dem torturous wei". :-p