Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That day the tea lady asked me if it's ok if she picks up my dirty mug in the evening and wash it because she sees me washing my mug in the pantry every morning..

Of koz I agree sampai vomit rice..

So now, i just leave my mug on my desk and in the morning, will skip happily to the pantry to collect back my mug to enjoy my daily coffee of the day.

The question is...

She is in the pantry every morning. Should I rinse my mug in front of her again? Not to say I dun trust her la, but just in case...



goolypop said...

of cos not. waste water waste soap. lizard and ga7 run over ..nothing geh. Worrisome one is she got no mug to use, so she cari alasan to wash urs, but acherli chung ribena drink in ur cup... But wont happen lah.

U drink happily lah. Totally no other ppl's saliva geh..

Gargles said...

wash! must wash! must use clorox, washing powder and softener as well! h1n1 ah these days, must be careful hoh?

Anonymous said...

So kiasi...tell her no need to wash lor. When you want to drink, then you wash yourself. Later, she may lace the cup with something and you, after drinking, will follow her home...you scared or not? LOL!!!

tuti said...

hahhaha. i see your dilemma.
but i have no advice.

Sinkar said...

gunipok, since u say liddat, i fong sum jor..

gargles, paper cups jek wor..

stp, lazy to wash leh..

tuti, see oredi dowan to advise same as eat oredi dowan to pay..!