Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Science and Religion

Picking up from the 2012 phenomenon, the end of the world...

There are many scientific arguments that 2012 will not happen becasue the whatever axis or whatsnot will not move in the next 100000 years etc..

I for one do not believe that 2012 is real but can we predict the end of the world based on science? Or religion? Or the Mayans? Or anything yang sewaktu dengannya?

If science is so kengchao, why no one can calculate the earthquake fury in Haiti? If religion is so easy to interprete, why there is so much hooha on just 1 word? If the prophecy of the Mayans is so accurate, why the only thing we know about the Mayans is the end of the world?

I think the world will come to an end someday, without anyone knowing. Not even science or religion can tell. It will come.

*put on a mortarboard and lite a ciggy and look deep into the sky*

*then eat char kuey teow*

How crappy..



rainbow angeles said...

prof. sinkar, show me just one proof why u say that the polar shift won't happen by 2012? what's your rujukan? or, should i direct this crappy ques. to winnkipedia?

but it's true also.. why mayan calendar can only predict all the eclipses thousands of years ago but not the earthquakes?

btw, what abt the Bible? what??? u nvr read b4??? :p

Sinkar said...

angeles ah.. NASA oredi says 2012 will not happen ma.. tak baca news ker..? the mayans can predict eclipes bekos the sun and moon and earth moves in an orbit, easier to calculate. earthquake is the movement of the dunno what plate hard to calculate tau.. ah, the bible. of course got say the world will end but didn't specify any date lor.. but based on my prediction, should be 2076..

goolypop said...

this world is so laplapluen!. I mean.. u should eat ckt..and then light the ciggy, rite?

Gargles said...

make sure it's sisters brand ckt you eat.

Sinkar said...

gunipok, that depends on what time.. if morning better eat ckt 1st becos empty stomach pok yin very siong..

gg, sista ckt very long q wor.. i go that pangyao ckt ok moe..?