Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The other day, we bought 2 starter packs from True Fitness at less than rm40 each with unlimited visits to the gym for a month and 6 (or 4? lupa) sessions of Bikram Yoga. On top of that, there is a free voucher to try their back massage at True Spa.

So, on that fateful day, we called up an appointment at True Spa Jaya 33 to try their free massage.

Upon arrival, we were being introduced to the products and services they are offering as expected. Nothing is free ok. That takes about 45 minutes. Ok, then we realized that free massage only last for 30 minutes. But before we get the massage, the salesgirl brought us around the spa facilities to have a look at their massage rooms etc. The girl says something like this ‘you just come here, have a tea, everything is arranged for you. Have a dip at the *dunno what stupid bath*, then proceed to the shower and then to the massage. Wahlan!’ *show her thumbs* Since we are not really interested, we just follow her aimlessly trying hard to be interested without yawning.

At last, it’s our turn for the massage. That 30 minutes massage passed like 10 minutes.

We came out, and she is waiting for us again, trying to sell. Ok, fine. It’s her job. We just sit through again and this is where shit happens.

After explaining and telling us that we need to commit RM4,000+ (RM388 x 12) a year, we wanted to leave. Who the f*ck in the sane mind will commit RM4k+ for a spa just because of the 30 minutes or so back massage? Anyway, to be polite I just explained to her properly that I am not interested in this and going to the spa is not my lifestyle. I will consider if this is a gym package (but not la RM4k+ a year) but not a spa package. And the reason I am here is because of that stupid voucher I got in that gym pack. I think I got use the word stupid.

Then she counter offer, asking me other shitty questions and how much I am willing to pay? I can name the price? RM38.80 lor! She laughs it off. Then I further explains that it is impossible if she wants me to sign up anything today. The best is, I can think about it. She says after I left the place, I will not give it a second thought. Oklor, then I say I am NOT INTERESTED lor! Then we stand up and wanted to go but she says the most out of the world thingy… ‘You all cannot leave just like that..’


What else you want from me? I don’t want to buy anything.

We don’t care anymore. Rude or not, we are leaving. Then she asks us to wait just another while so that she take something for us. I asked her issit brochures and she nods her head. To be nice, we just waited for a while so that she can close our case properly.

2 minutes later, she came out from the office with 2 pieces of paper. She asked us for 6 referrals from each of us so that she can call our friends.

We just say bye and walk towards the lift, 2 hours later just for that pathetic ‘30 minutes’ back massage.

And the best part, they did not even collect the vouchers from us. Anyone wanna have a 30 minutes back massage?

Note to True Spa Jaya 33: This is what we called ‘Overly Hard Sell’ and this is irritating like shit.
Note to True Fitness: Don’t slot in all these rubbish into the packs that we need to buy. Now I am skeptical on joining your gym.

How crappy..



Anonymous said...

"She asked us for 6 referrals from each of us so that she can call our friends." Thank God you do not know my number! LOL!!! This business world, you think there's anything anybody would give you for free one kah?

Sinkar said...

stp, i gave them ur blog url. they say will make appt with u thru the comments box wor.. btw, how u know i dun hv ur number..? muahahahaha

Gargles said...

you didn't ask for more free vouchers when you left? what laa???

goolypop said...

"you all cannot just leave like that.."

How can?? How can?? Tai gor fun!

tuti said...

invite them back to sinkar spa and give them a taste of their treatment. :P

帶我走 said...


Sinkar said...

GG, i wanted to ask but the thought of u asking them from me later.. really potong stim jor..

gunipok, u say the same thing also what, during ur first date with jimsi..

tuti, *shy* sinkar spa is actually a brothel.. *shy again*

帶我走, lei hui sei la...

me said...

liddat loh, no free lunch in this world mah. u go for these free sessions, u expect to be harassed the whole time u r there, until your ears drop off. never 'lok charp fong kau' mah peen yee chor lei loh. the only use these free vouchers are for is when u run out of toilet paper :-p