Friday, December 28, 2012

The Great Escape

The sky is gloomy. Rain is waiting to unleash his fury.

I was thinking, is it the end, or the beginning? No answer. The situation is tensed. There are many people around me, but I can only sense soulless bodies. I can only sense anxiety. And fear. And pain.

There is always hope.

Will it happens again? I am guessing this is what playing in everyone's head. The last time it happened was not many days ago. It’s chaos. It’s dramatic. It’s sad. It gives more questions than answer. Should we take the leap of faith, or stays calm and wait for the sunshine. Nobody can answer that. Nobody.

I look at my watch. It’s 4pm. I keep telling myself we should not be bounded by time. This is the new world. We set the time, not the time set us. We want freedom! We want peace! We want liberty! Every minute is moving slower than ever. 5 minutes is like 5 hours. God, why am I being punished? Am I not a good servant?

Sky will fall. Someday.

I cannot waste anymore time. Now or never. I grabbed my haversack and look at the soulless body before turning my back to them. Goodbye my comrades. We’ll meet again. Maybe not in the same situation. But we will definitely meet again.

‘Woi Sinkar, wanna rain like that you wanna go back meh? Later jam like that day you know! Summo now only 4pm, later boss find you how?’

Failed. I rest my haversack on the desk again before resuming my duty.

I will try again. Until my next victorious escape, I will never give up.


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