Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guidelines on Writing a Resolution

I know one. Every time new year sure wanna do something stupid like writing a resolution. This is some simple guidelines how to write one and sure will achieve one.

1) Set a target how many resolution(s) you plan to achieve. Be realistic. Setting too many will always results in failure. The rule of thumb is if you set 20 previous year, but only achieved 12, 80% discount it. That will be the correct number of resolutions you should set.

2) Set something achievable. If you can't play the piano, refrain from setting a resolution as 'Can Play Mary Had A little Lamb by 31 Dec 2013'. Or if you can't swim, avoid stuff like 'Get a set of bikini (trikini if you are gunipok)'. Try to be sensible. If you wanna learn a new musical instrument, starts by a triangle. Do not over-estimate your ability.

do not look down at this complicated instrument. ask mr pythagoras

3) Always double check your spelling/grammar in your resolutions list. This is to avoid any confusion when you look at it few months later. Example, 'This year I will try to eat more, my friends' is different from 'This year I will try to eat more friends'. 

4)  Do a milestone check. Suggested milestone is every 3 months. It's ok to amend the resolution if you think it's impossible to achieve. The important thing is not to force yourself but achieving it comfortably. Example:
January: To plant 4 types of vegetable.
April: To plant 4 2 types of vegetable.
July: To plant 4 2 types of vegetable something.
October: To plant 4 2 types of vegetable Eat something green.

That's it! With these 4 guidelines, I am sure everyone is an achiever!! Thanks me later.

Btw, here's my resolution for 2013!


tasy said...

can you add another resolution to your list?

- to churn 7 sinkalan posts in a week?

thank you later.

goolypop said...

Now if everyone is encouraged to have a resolution, there will be wars everywhere.. Oh wait..thats revolution.

Sinkar said...

tasy, 7 in a week? it's like kena con 7 days in a week. u want meh..?

gunipok, if everyone has a revolution, there will be smooth skin everywhere.. oh, that's lotion.

me said...

like that then we are finally getting somewhere!....oh wait, that's motion :P